To Like Or Not To Like…

Do you know what is now the second most popular website in the world? No, no… It isn’t what first popped into your head. Americansingels and Hustler don’t count:) We’re talking about Facebook – the biggest social networking site in the Internet. The latest research say that nearly 40% percent of Web users have already a Facebook account! So… Does anybody know what is it all about? Why this simple Mark Zuckerberg invention is now the second (after Google) most popular service in the Internet?

To answer those questions, I tried to recall why I did actually create my own profile there. Curiosity? To some point yes… I simply wanted to know how it really works from the inside. Finding old schoolmates could not be the issue, because almost none of them used Facebook at that time. Today the network of its users has grown to such an amazing size that the phenomena we discuss can’t be associated neither with a need to stay in touch with others nor with being curious anymore.

So how come every day so many of us choose a-late-afternoon-Facebook-session instead of meeting  friends in reality? If we keep this trend, pub and cafe owners will soon be all washed up. Someone only has to invent a new app, that enables dancing and drinking beer online, and that’s it – they’re done:) I don’t know what you think about it, but I frequently have this feeling that our everyday relationship becomes more and more handicapped. There’s no reason to tell a girl that she looks pretty anymore. It is enough to click “I like it” under the newest photo on her profile, of course assuming that she is willing to show this photo to us.

So maybe it’s all about showboating? Needless to say that everyone sometimes has a need of auto-promotion and Facebook gives them great tools to run it. You can share good news there: new purchase, exciting journey or job successes… With only one click, your personal news service is being updated and your name automatically becomes its headline. The question is: what for? Wouldn’t it be better to chat face to face in reality?

The longer I consider this topic, the more often I want to join one of these groups encouraging to leave Facebook. The problem is that every time I’m getting close to doing it, I ask myself the same question: what for? I could simply delete the account instead…

By the way… CodeTwo is now on Facebook too. You can click “Like it” here if you want :) Do it now or else…!

15 thoughts on “To Like Or Not To Like…

  1. that’s a good point actually.
    and a good question. hopefully, at some point, yes, but then again – the real meeting most probably is going to be preceded by an facebook appointment ;)

  2. Oh now I got it.

    How does it hamper it? We discuss something right now without any problems but it would be different in a face-to-face situation. So the easier it gets to communicate using Facebook or blogroll, the harder it is to talk in reality. So the most primitive communication ability is being put aside now. Will we ever have this real conversation then?:)

  3. I meant wonder in a good way. In the sense of ‘wow, welcome in XXI century’. The closer to the potential customers, the better.

    How does it hamper the communication ?

  4. @evaana
    Why does it make you wonder? You put your ads where people can see them. If FB is almost as popular as google why not advertize there?

    As far as communication is concerned.. it does facilitate it but in the long run, it only hampers it.

  5. whether we like it or not facebook is like nokia – connecting people; World seek to simplify everything, so does communication. if you want to hang out with friends – post a message on the wall, it takes you 30 secs while texting or calling all of them would take ages.
    what makes me wonder is the fact, that it’s becoming a part of job market and market in general, but that only proves its power.

  6. On Topic: Friday evening, I want to check out what’s new on Twitter and get this message:
    “Twitter is over capacity. Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again.”
    Seems it’s time to go offline and drink a beer in a pub…

  7. @simon:
    If “ignore = don’t like” then all FB users including Mark Zuckerberg have a huge problem. There are 250 mln accounts on FB and Mark Zuckerberg has only 0,5 mln people who like him, so a lot of people don’t like him. His live must be hard. And how hard it must be for people who has only hundreds of friends?

    BTW: In software company which develops mainly in C++, you must use “ignore == don’t like”. If you don’t know why, ask programmers. But be prepared to hear many bad words and the first we’ll be “lammer”.

  8. I’m not sure if anybody from the IT generation remembers how to run normal relationships without Internet..

    There’s no such button, because there aren’t suppose to be any negative feelings in the nice and shiny world of FB:) You can either like something or ignore it – fake plastic world…:]

  9. I wonder what would happen if computers stopped working one day. Nobody to talk to, nobody likes me, nobody to show my last holiday pictures. Awful life!

    P.S. Why there is no “I do not like you” button on Facebook?

    The real life is online…

  10. Well I have had a number of pints on Skype so far with the lads. To tell you the truth, it tastes better than in a pub.. and the toilet is hardly ever occupied.

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