New update to CodeTwo Public Folders released

CodeTwo Public FoldersAnother update to CodeTwo Public Folders, version 5.1.1, has been recently made available for download on our website. As usual, we recommend that all users update their programs to the current version. For the full list of changes, please visit the version history page. Please keep in mind that while updating the program all CodeTwo Public Folders network components need to be re-installed, including the Syncing Master and all Client Apps.

If you have any questions considering updates, our Customer Support is ready to help out.

Download CodeTwo Public Folders 5.1.1
How to update CodeTwo programs?

Using CodeTwo Public Folders 4.x or older?

If you still use an older version of CodeTwo Public Folders it’s right about time you considered upgrading it to version 5. The program has been totally revamped and gained a whole world of new features that make it even more powerful than before. This is only a  small selection of new things we incorporated in CodeTwo Public Folders 5:

  • Internet synchronization
  • Data encryption while syncing
  • Built-in File Sharing App for sharing files outside Outlook
  • New user’s interface
  • Improved security: new Client Apps authentication modes and Active Directory compatibility
  • Compatibility with CodeTwo Sync for iCloud

For more information about the new version of CodeTwo Public Folders, or to find out how to easily synchronize Outlook within your team, watch this video:

What’s new in CodeTwo Public Folders 5.0?
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