New update to CodeTwo Exchange Rules product family released!

The product family of CodeTwo Exchange Rules and CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro has just been updated!

New version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules and CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro available.

The current release features some improvements and fixes to most recently reported issues. It also introduces a bunch of new features.

New conditions: Sender/Recipient matches AD group

Now under the list of conditions and exceptions, you will see new options available – Sender matches AD group and Recipient matches AD group. These conditions will let you use Active Directory group email address to trigger the action. When you select this condition, the rule will apply to emails sent to or from this AD group email address (not to email addresses of group members). The screenshot below presents the list of conditions available for the sender field:

New condition in CodeTwo Exchange Rules - Sender or Recipient matches AD group.

Hints and new notification introduced

To provide you with even better experience while using our software, we added some useful hints here and there to give you some ideas on how to use CodeTwo program efficiently. There is also one notification added.

The aforementioned hints will show up when you:

  • press Enter within the template editor (hints about best practices for the Enter button utilization)

Press Enter in the template editor of CodeTwo Exchange Rules to get this hint.

  • use Remove Text tags to remove lines from your signature if not filled with Active Directory data (hints about how to remove the entire line)

When using Remove Text tags in CodeTwo Exchange Rules, a hint show up.

A warning will show up when you:

  • try to save a rule without specifying conditions for that rule (warning that the rule will apply to all emails coming through your Exchange Server)

CodeTwo Exchange Rules now warns you if a rule has no conditions.

Major and minor bug fixes

This update also brings some further improvements to program’s functionalities. The most awaited fixes include:

  • Enhancement to email processing in very large server environments
  • Improvements to the scheduler functioning
  • Tweaks to the way conditions and exceptions are managed

To see a full list of changes, visit version history pages of:

How to get the newest version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules?

You can use links below to download the latest versions of CodeTwo Exchange Rules and CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro:

Download CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2016, 2013, 2010 or 2007

Download CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro

To update your current CodeTwo Exchange Rules or CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro application, download the latest update and install it on top of the existing installation. The update is free of charge, if the version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules you currently use matches the first digit of the update. Otherwise, you may need to provide an upgrade or migration fee. Learn more…

In case you have any questions regarding this release, feel free to contact us! We are available 24h Monday through Friday.

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