Microexpressions Not So Micro At All…

We need to share the news! Szymon and Gniewko, our creative colleagues from CodeTwo Marketing Department, turned out to make a unique team also in the field of music that has been their mutual passion for years. Their music is an experimental mixture of indie, synthpop, postpunk, electronica and ambient. Being precise, the Microexpressions are primarily a 2-piece band, made of Szymon Szczesniak (our Saymon) and Michal Stambulski. This duo, plus Gniewko, also works under a different name – Teodor Donut and composes mainly indie style music.

On the 8th of May, our gifted folks, played live  for Radio Euro listeners in a fully acoustic and vocal manner (they proved to manage well even unplugged!). Microexpressions presented, inter alia, the title song of their last EP Deep Snow, which was critically acclaimed in Polish internet. Comprehensive reviews were published on Independent Music Services: Porcys.com and Screenagers.pl. So this appears to be a crucial moment in Microexpressions development history as it lets the ‘micro rumors’ of the band’s existence become nationally renowned as “a new opening in the Polish alternative” (Paweł Sajewicz, Screenagers.pl).

5 thoughts on “Microexpressions Not So Micro At All…

  1. Anyway, we negotiate Microexpressions’ performance in CodeTwo, so maybe the readers will be able to watch them here almost live.

  2. Thanks Michal! I tried to hide behind the monitor with this glockenspiel but they caught me anyway:) Simon was placed in the corner – as usuall;)

  3. Congratulations guys!
    And Simon and Gniewko are not the only artists in the CodeTwo team. No surprise that every software we release is a masterpiece…

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