Managing email flow, content and signatures on Exchange via custom applications

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro: Managing email flow, content and signatures on Exchange via custom applicationsUp until now CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro allowed users, sitting at any machine connected to the Internet, to make authorized adjustments to the way emails are handled when they fly through their servers. That’s already more than what Exchange Server offers natively (full access to whole server necessary to modify any aspect of mail flow or Hub Transport rules), but we thought it could still use some more “oomph!”.

That’s how CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro API came about.

The new feature, compatible with CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro 2.0.12 and up, includes a ready-to-run SDK (contents: API class libraries, sample web app and links to documentation) and enables developers to create custom web, mobile and desktop applications offering any combination of these capabilities:

  • Create and modify rules
  • Add actions to rules
  • Add conditions and exceptions to rules
  • Create and modify tenants
  • Modify splitting of messages

Providers of Hosted Exchange services will find this improvement to CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro right up their alley, since it gives them the ability to integrate any of the software’s Exchange email signature, content or flow control abilities e.g. with the web panels available to their customers, thus getting a leg up on the competition.

Other users are also bound to benefit from the API, as it opens up a wide range of possibilities: from delegating aspects of email management to appropriate departments (e.g. server-level email signature design and deployment to the Marketing team, DLP policy configuration to an ISO, etc.) to giving the server admin mobile access to an extensive set of administrative actions and tweaks from any place on the globe.

Learn more about the CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro API with SDK
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