From Pulawy to Houston

Finally we have made this crucial step that was so long expected. We have moved from the city of Pulawy, Poland to the city of Houston. I am not talking though about the company headquarters that are still based in Jelenia Gora, Poland but about the migration of website from data center located in Pulawy to data center in Houston. The name Pulawy may ring a bell to our American customers as Casimir Pulaski is a recognizable name both in Poland as well as the US. But the relationship is only in spelling and phonetic.

The Web service is dedicated to our English-speaking customers and most of them live across the pond. The problem is that even in the 21st century in the age of the Internet and fibre optics, the time needed for binary bits to cross the Atlantic ocean is greater than zero. Response to for European users was until recently 3 times quicker than for US users and equalled appx. 50 ms. Response time for US customers was 150 ms. This difference can seem minimal but annoying too.

Since in democracy the vote of the majority matters most, now the majority of visitors will surf faster. CodeTwo then supports and follows democratic standards too.

Naturally, we do not want to underprivilege our visitors from Europe and those parts of the world who find Europe closer in terms of fiber optics than the USA. We are working to put our Web service on a server in Europe. The users from DACH area i.e. Germany, Austria, and Switzerland can already enjoy, which physically is still located in Pulawy, but will be moving to Zürich shortly – as part of our Customer Care Improvement Program. after it moved works just fine and our provider guarantees we will never need to say “Houston, we’ve got a probem

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