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Free Outlook Add-InsHere in Poland people are used to say that if something is for free, it definitely has to be junk. Sometimes it’s hard to disagree but in my opinion there are some exceptions, especially as far as software is concerned. The Web is chock-full of various freeware for any purpose. All you have to do is to type the word “free” in the search engine in front of the solution you are looking for and pick the one that’s the most suitable for you. Which one to choose?

Picking up a solution from a reliable source is always crucial in such cases. Since designing Outlook add-ins became CodeTwo’s second nature, if you are looking for a smart free Outlook extension, you should definitely check out CodeTwo’s freeware offer, it won’t cost you anything except time:)

Go to Free Tools section on our website and find out how those simple tools can influence your everyday work. Explore wider capabilities of MS Outlook by equipping it with smart add-ins designed for easy Outlook folders synchronization, categories sharing and data exporting. Unblock important attachments blocked in Outlook by default and get rid off those nasty ghost PST files that cause so much confusion in your Mailbox. Imagine how powerful your Outlook could be, if some of those tools were installed along with CodeTwo Public Folders – one of CodeTwo flagship products designed for sharing Outlook items with almost no limitations…

After you check our smart solutions and install them on your hard drive, don’t forget to visit CodeTwo Squad Blog regularly – there’s still more CodeTwo freeware to come in the nearest future!

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7 thoughts on “Free Outlook Add-Ins From CodeTwo

  1. Yesterday I had to prepare a contact list for a survey containing 500 contacts and save it in an external XLS file. Those contacts had to be arranged in a table containing specified fields arranged in pre-defined order. Using Outlook Export I did it with just a few clicks, otherwise I would have to spend two days on copying and pasting the list into the Excel sheet. This app is a true life-saver…

  2. And do you know what I use Outlook Export most often for? For checking the number of messages currently selected in a folder. This is one of the functionalities missing in Outlook, which for me personally is very very useful.

  3. Thanks Danny. CatMan is really useful but I personally like Attach Unblocker the most. I think it’s the most ‘tricky’ one…:)

    Can’t wait to tell you about other free tools that we are preparing for you, so stay tuned for more!

  4. Those addins are a real help for Microsoft Outlook users. CatMan is my favorite. It deals so well we with sharing categories. Thanks a lot.

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