Email signatures for Exchange 2013 – new CodeTwo Exchange Rules is here!

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013We are thrilled to announce that CodeTwo Exchange Rules now supports Microsoft Exchange Server 2013. This means that the CodeTwo Exchange Rules product family has now grown bigger again by gaining a new product – CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013. The program is already available for download on our website.

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Create email signatures and disclaimers centrally on Exchange 2013

What is CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013? Basically, the program has been designed to give you the maximum control of company signatures and disclaimers on Exchange 2013. The program allows Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 administrators to set email signatures and disclaimers 100% on the server side. What makes this product so valuable is that it gives system admins a complete set of features that are needed to manage email signatures on Exchange without setting anything on the client machines. By means of CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013, the server administrator can now create a professional signature template in HTML, RTF or plain text and easily deploy it in the organization with a specially designed signature rule. He or she can decide, whether the given signature is supposed to apply to each user, selected Active Directory groups or even specific employees. What is more, the program is also equipped with a rich library of signature and disclaimer templates, plus a bunch of graphics that can be incorporated in signatures with just a few clicks.

Emails signatures and disclaimers on Exchange 2013

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 gives you the guarante, that the entire organization uses a unified look of email footers, no matter what mail client is used by employees. The signatures added by CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 look equally good in emails sent from Outlook, Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac Mail or any other popular mail program.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 - support for many different mail clients

A large number of features the program offers significantly extends the possibilities of Exchange Server 2013 as far as signatures and email branding are concerned. Use CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 for signatures, legal notes or even for email marketing – it’s up to you! Download the installer today and test the program for free!

For more information about prices, upgrades and migrations, click here.
To learn more about CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 and to download the trial, go to this page.

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