Easy cross-forest migrations on Exchange Server – CodeTwo Exchange Migration out now!

Moving Exchange Server mailboxes to another Active Directory forest is always a critical moment and a difficult task to perform. The key to a successful Exchange migration lies mainly in making a good plan and choosing a tool that will do the job for you. Although Exchange allows for moving user mailboxes between servers internally in an organization, migrating a large number of users to another Exchange Server forest is still a big challenge. Microsoft simply didn’t make it possible for administrators to move mailboxes between two different Exchange Server organizations using a convenient built-in feature in Exchange.

This is where our new program, CodeTwo Exchange Migration comes in. With this brand new tool, migrating between different Exchange Server organizations is easier than ever before.

CodeTwo Exchange Migration - new tool out now

Easy Exchange-to-Exchange cross-forest migrations

CodeTwo Exchange Migration has been designed to give you the maximum comfort and control over Exchange-to-Exchange migrations. The configuration of the program is really simple and doesn’t require running any Power Shell scripts in order to get started. Every necessary option is easily accessible directly from the user’s interface.

The program must be installed in the source Active Directory domain. After providing the Domain Admin’s credentials at startup, the list of source mailboxes is displayed in the chart.

The main window of CodeTwo Exchange Migration

Before starting your migration you need to establish a connection with the target Exchange Server organization. The program uses the Exchange Web Services (EWS) address for that. If your target server is located within the same Active Directory domain as the source, you can also use the Autodiscover option for setting your connections.

Establishing a connection in CodeTwo Exchange Migration

You now need to set the target mailbox for each of the source mailboxes. The list of target users is displayed in the connection settings. Choose the appropriate mailbox for each user that you wish to migrate.

The list of target mailboxes in CodeTwo Exchange Migration

After establishing a connection and choosing the target mailboxes you are ready to set off! You can now launch your migration right away and observe how data is transferred to another Exchange Server. It’s as simple as that.

Migrate from Exchange 2003 to 2010, or 2013

One of the most important benefits you gain with CodeTwo Exchange Migration is the ability of moving users’ mailboxes from an older version of Exchange, e.g. 2003 directly to Exchange 2010, or 2013. No special configuration, or staged migration process is required in this scenario.

Status reports and log files

The migration status of each mailbox can be easily checked during and after the migration. The program displays status reports directly in the main window and the administrator can also review the details of each migrated folder by checking the detailed log files.

The status reports displayed in CodeTwo Exchange Migration

Reduced time and resources

Simplicity, reliability and competitive price are the biggest values of CodeTwo Exchange Migration. The program contains absolutely no spare options and that’s what makes it so practical. Thanks to this easy-to-use migration tool you will be able to perform your migration without engaging any additional consultants and studying large amounts of technical documentation.

Easily accessible trial / Test for free!

CodeTwo Exchange Migration can be tested easily before buying the license. The trial version is available for download on the product page. You don’t need to fill out any forms and wait for us to send you the setup file. During the 30-day trial period the program will let you migrate only 10 items per folder. To unlock this limitation, purchase the license for the needed number of mailboxes and activate your application.

Ready to test the tool in your environment? Navigate to the program’s page and download the free trial. Should you need any assistance, simply contact us!

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