Contest is over – we have 15 winners!

The contest we’ve been talking about for a month has been finished and we have just selected 15 winners who will get CodeTwo Exchange Rules – 100 licenses each! As we promised earlier, we printed all names and added them to a glass ball. It’s actually the one my wife kept a goldfish in some time ago, but it was eaten by a frog. In the memory of this little fish, we also sticked her paper friends to keep us company during the drawing.

We organized the contest together with It was a tidbit for all companies using Microsoft Exchange since CodeTwo Exchange Rules enables an amazingly easy administration of email signatures, disclaimers and marketing banners centrally on servers.

See the list of the lucky guys who won the program:

  1. Milan BorosFacebook user
  2. user
  3. user
  4. Kjell Inge MeisalFacebook user
  5. Dave O’KeefeFacebook user
  6. user
  7. Keith user
  8. Paul user
  9. user
  10. Karim Khaled KFacebook user
  11. Rob Leno Jr.Facebook user
  12. user
  13. user
  14. user
  15. Joseph DixFacebook user

Congratulations guys! We will contact you shortly and send you license keys for this product. Thanks!

Learn more about CodeTwo Exchange Rules
Go to Contest Page
Visit CodeTwo Official Website
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