CodeTwo Public Folders 5.0.6 – minor update

CodeTwo Public FoldersJust before the weekend another minor update to CodeTwo Public Folders was released. It fixes some of the issues users have reported recently. The update is free of charge for all CodeTwo Public Folders 5.x license owners.

Version 5.0.6 includes the following changes:

  • Fixed: Subfolders of the same folder shared via the File Sharing App (with names starting with lower and upper case letters e.g. “aaaa” and “BBB”) where not recognized by a subscribing User after losing and regaining a connection with the Syncing Master.
  • Fixed: When a large file was being downloaded by a subscribing User via the File Sharing App and the User lost and regained a connection with the Syncing Master, a copy of that file was created and shared back both ways causing duplicates.
  • Fixed: When one of the users shared a private inbox with a previously set Outlook rule, duplicated inbox items where created.

During the update, all your network components, including the Syncing Master and all the Client Apps, need to be re-installed. Simply download and run the installer on each synchronized machine. All your previous settings will remain unchanged. For more information feel free to contact CodeTwo Customer Service directly.

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