CodeTwo Public Folders 4.7 available

CodeTwo Public FoldersOne of our flagship products – CodeTwo Public Folders, has been enhanced with new features and its updated version is ready to be downloaded from our website. Above all, the program’s Syncing Master is now equipped with a brand new Administration panel, which gives a better control of shared folders database and allows the administrator to easily access the synchronization settings.

Here’s the full list of things added to CodeTwo Public Folders in version 4.7:

  • The software has a completely new UI of the Administration panel.
  • The administrator can now easily retrieve folders that were accidentally removed by users.
  • The program can now create and manage database backup copies.
  • The software allows users to easily transfer their databases from one machine to another.
  • The program is now able to synchronize folder views and non-standard custom forms.
  • The user can now control the status of the C2PublicFolders system service from the Administration panel. One can also define the database location, change the log files folder path or modify the listening ports used by the software.
  • The user can now check the following licensing information from the Administration panel:
    – license type (trial, temporary key, full license),
    – license key,
    – list of currently licensed users,
    – number of available licenses.
  • The server module can now synchronize any type of user-defined data, for example other programs’ settings.
  • There is now only one setup wizard for x64 and x86 versions. The software automatically chooses which version to install.

The update is free of charge for all license owners. To successfully update your software, both the Syncing Master and all Outlook Add-ins need to be updated. Note that there’s currently only one installer for both 32- and 64-bit machines. It automatically detects which version of Outlook you are running and installs the correct one.

For more information read the program’s version history or go to the User’s Manual.

Download the update
CodeTwo Public Folders page
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