CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder – new summer gift from CodeTwo

This time the news is especially good for all forgetful Outlook users. CodeTwo’s collection of free tools has just been expanded with another useful add-in – CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder. As the name suggests, the program reminds you about adding attachments to your emails every time you seem to forget about them and click the Send button. It is the First Day of Summer and for this occasion we hope this new freeware will be a nice, practical surprise for all Outlook’s daily users. With this plugin installed, it will be hard to forget about attaching your holiday photos to emails.

How come Outlook ‘knows’ when I have forgotten to add attachment to my e-mail?

CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder is a cutting-edge solution that receives signals transmitted by your subconsciousness and transforms them into binary language… No, no, nothing like that. :) Fortunately the application’s method is not that complex and can be fully controlled by you. The program scans your emails content and for certain phrases, e.g. ‘see documents’, ‘see enclosed’ recognizes the message as the one that should include an attachment. You can easily modify a list of keywords to suit your needs. Look, it is all nicely explained in this video:

Save your time and embarrassment

Forgetting about adding attachments is a common accident, yet not something to ignore, as it can get troublesome. Sometimes we have to send an important report to our boss, products’ offer to our clients, CV to a dream job’s offer, an essay to our teacher, or other important documents. Once we discover that the message we have sent is actually empty, we look unprofessionally or miss the deadline. It is worth being proactive and equip Outlook with a user-friendly attachment reminder that is totally free and can be downloaded from our website any time. Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder – new summer gift from CodeTwo

  1. Hi

    Sadly it did not (even after renaming it I couldn’t get my MSI reader to recognise it as msi file) but I tricked the WSUS PP into ignoring some error messages, so I got it to work anyway. Thanks for your reply and the program.

  2. Hi Martin

    7-zip should do the trick here. Install this program and extract the contents of the Outlook Attachment Reminder installer with it. The msi files should be located in the .rsrc\1045\MSI folder. Change the extension of one of these files to msi and voila! Please let me know if that helped.

  3. Hi

    Is there a way to extract or get the .msi file for this somehwere? I am currently trying to install this on some client computers and it would be far easier to use the .msi instead of the .exe. The usual trick of starting the installation and looking for the temp files doesn’t seem to work.

    Or is the .msi is available in a commercial product? We already have some CodeTwo products in use, so buying another one wouldn’t be a problem, I just can’t find it if it exists.

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