CodeTwo FolderSync Addin updated

Share Outlook Folders and more with CodeTwo softwareCodeTwo FolderSync Addin, a program that enables a synchronization of Outlook folders, has been updated to version 1.3.0. We have also released a 64bit version of this amazing plugin! Now it is fully compatible also with Outlook 2010 32bit and 64 bit.

We also fixed the following things:

  • There was a wrong warning message when folders of different type were selected for synchronization,
  • The icon of the application has changed.

If you feel like sharing your opinion with us, feel free to post comments below. We will be glad to answer and help.

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10 thoughts on “CodeTwo FolderSync Addin updated

  1. Bad sync on first use:
    I had a major problem with this addin. On my first sync from my work calendar to my (almost empty) gmail calendar, everything was deleted from my work calendar en only the few calendar activities in my gmail account remain in both accounts.
    The sync process only worked one way and now everything is lost!!!
    Please say that there is a recovery function?
    Tim from Belgium

  2. Hi Mike!

    Unfortunately CodeTwo FolderSync Addin does not have such capability… There are other tools with real-time sync on board – CodeTwo Public Folders and CodeTwo Exchange Sync, however it is up to you if they meet your needs.

  3. Is there anyway to automate the TwoFolderSyncAddin sync process? I see that it can be initiated manually, but I am lazy and would like to to sync on some automatic schedule.

    Thanks, Mike

  4. Once I set it to sychronize in Outlook. How can I change the setting? Because from that point on when I click on the sync folder, it starts to sync. Thanks.

  5. Thanks Neil,

    It syncs only when you strike the sync button to let you fully control what and when is synced between selected folders.


  6. Love the addin…quick question…how often does FolderSync sync the folders up automatically? Or does it not do it automatically? Would love to have the option to set frequency.

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