CodeTwo FolderSync Addin updated

We have just released an update to our free Outlook synchronization tool, CodeTwo FolderSync Addin. The newest version of the program has an improved IMAP folder syncing mechanism – it is now possible to synchronize Outlook standard Mail folders with IMAP folders. Feel free to download and use this tool at no cost.

What is CodeTwo FolderSync Addin?

CodeTwo FolderSync Addin is a simple and easy-to-use free Outlook extension that enables the synchronization of Outlook folders within a single machine. Users can choose one or many pairs of folders they wish to be synchronized in Outlook. The syncing process is initialized by the user, by clicking on a button placed in the Outlook main ribbon.

CodeTwo FolderSync Addin is especially useful in synchronizing Public Folders, either Exchange-based or the ones shared using CodeTwo Public Folders, with mobile devices and smartphones. The program replicates public data to private Outlook elements (and vice versa) allowing users to access shared data from handhelds, which usually are able to synchronize only default mailbox elements.

You can download and use this program for free.

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17 thoughts on “CodeTwo FolderSync Addin updated

  1. This is so infuriating! There has been accumulative sync issues from my local calendar to the cloud calendar folders, so I deleted the cloud calendar events and use the local as source to re-push the events to the cloud calendar folder. FolderSync decimated my calendar events.. some made it to the cloud folder and the rest are gone! They are not in deleted nor anywhere I have looked. This is very unsafe way to sync folders.

  2. Is it possible to only do a oneway sync? I can read the public folder but it keeps trying to write to it. I only need oneway

  3. Hi, I have installed CodeTwo the free version and I am trying to figure out if I can have it autosync. I have spent many hours researching this and figured I would finally just ask the question here!

  4. I installed the add-on last Thursday and after the initial sync everything on my original Outlook calendar disappeared. It didn’t go into the deleted items and everything in my restore file is also missing. This has now happened to another coworker when he installed the add-on too. Is this a common problem when syncing? That the calendar appointments disappear?

  5. Hi Arnold,
    This program hasn’t been adjusted to work with Outlook 2013 yet. We will be doing it step by step with most of our free programs, but as for now paid solutions have a higher priority. Please keep checking on us here.

  6. Hi,

    I am using OL2010 on one PC and OL2013 on my tablet. I first had OL2010 on my tablet installed too. For the users which were on the tablet before I installed OL2013, the addin is shown (and works) in OL2013. For users added after OL2013 was installed (and OL2010 removed), the addin doesn’t appear and can’t be installed.

    The Installation stops immediately with an error message that Outlook 2000 up to 2010 isn’t detected (which is, of course, correct). When will the Installation Routine to check if OL is installed, be updated?

  7. Hi guys. If you can’t use CodeTwo Exchange Sync or you don’t need to sync Outlook with iCloud (see Szymon’s comment above), CodeTwo Folder Sync Addin is all we can suggest to you at the moment.

  8. I just installed CodeTwo FolderSync Addin and it’s great! But like Carly, I need real-time syncing within one Outlook on one computer. Do you have a product I can purchase that will accomplish this? I don’t use Exchange or anything fancy…I just need two calendar and contact folders to sync in real-time, say, every minute.

    Or, is there an Outlook macro that could automatically be executed every minute or so to run the FolderSync Addin on the Tools menu? Thank you!

  9. Hi Szymon,

    The Exchange Sync would not work for me as I dont have access to the server side.
    The Sync for iCloud seems perfect except I am not using iPhone or iCloud, but the idea is exact what I was after.

    I use Outlook to connect to a Lotus Notes system and just wanted a way to sync my Lotus Notes calendar into (one way) the Microsoft Hotmail connector so I could get the meeting entries on my Windows phone directly from

    Any suggestions?

  10. Hi Justme
    It is possible only in CodeTwo Exchange Sync

    You can also try CodeTwo Sync for iCloud

  11. Sorry, with this program you can only sync folders on demand. If you’re on an Exchange account you can contact your administrator to deploy CodeTwo Exchange Sync. It allows real time syncing in many different modes:

  12. Is it possible to automatically sync your folder on a schedule? I am using this to keep 2 calendars and sync and would like real-time or near real-time updates without having to click the button. Thanks!

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