CodeTwo Exchange Sync – Minor Update

Our Technical Support finished testing the latest release of CodeTwo Exchange Sync versioned 2.1, and the program has been just released. This version fixes all issues you have been reporting over the past few weeks, namely:

  • Improves cache item deletion; previously, an incorrect synchronization of deleted items in the source folder could occur when multiple tasks shared the same source folder.
  • Solves item duplication issues that occurred when the same source folder was used by more than one task.
  • Changes the way source mailbox names are displayed; when “SourceMailboxName” placeholder is used in the “Subject” modifier, only the “Username” is displayed instead of the old format “Mailbox-Username”

Thank you once again for all your emails and phone calls with hints and remarks. We hope these changes will enhance your teamwork and make CodeTwo Exchange Sync even more reliable. As usually, we are open to your suggestions and ideas. If you think this program lacks something or works not the way it should, let us know. Together we can create a killer app!

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11 thoughts on “CodeTwo Exchange Sync – Minor Update

  1. I had a dream that we all could swim to work from our houses. That would be an amazing thing.. 50 minutes for swimming every day…

  2. You marketing guys are located on the 2nd floor, rest of us is on the 3rd. So maybe YOU should start thinking of that, others are calm :)))

  3. And maybe it can do something about wheather in Poland? It’s fall now, the spring and summer were missing.

  4. Can it at least prevent the Eyjafjoell cloud from spreading? But only the cloud.. The eruption itself is ok..

  5. And one more thing.. it is not possible to use this app to send ET home. Due to technical limitations you can only have a minor influence on El Nino – either positive or negative but you cannot decide which one it will be. There is also no way to change monsoon direction.

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