CodeTwo Exchange Sync – Minor Update

CodeTwo Exchange SyncWe have just released a minor update to CodeTwo Exchange Sync, an application enabling automatic synchronization of selected data between Microsoft Exchange Server folders. The program has been upgraded to version 2.1.7 which includes the following changes:

  • Fix: The “Subject modifier” filter has been improved. In some operating systems the modifier worked only during the initial sync.
  • Fix: After upgrading or reinstalling the application the synchronization service did not start properly, even if it was running before the upgrade/reinstall.
  • Fix: No matter what value was set in the “meeting status” filter, filter list said “Not meeting” in all cases.
  • New: MAPI profiles created by the application are now removed when the application is uninstalled, reinstalled and upgraded.

We recommend all users to download and install the latest fix. The update is free of charge for all CodeTwo Exchange Sync purchasers. To update the currently used version with the fix, download and run the installer available on our website. The previous version will be automatically patched and all your settings will be kept. Detailed information about upgrading the program can be found in the Installation section of CodeTwo Exchange Sync’s Manual.

We would like to thank all users for their bug reports and feature requests. Should you have any further suggestions, let us know right away!

Download CodeTwo Exchange Sync 2.1.7
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