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It’s the first time we are releasing an important update to our newest program, CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO, an advanced Exchange Server add-on enabling extended email management options for server administrators. Version 1.1.0 has been available on our website since yesterday. We advise all users to download and install the latest fix. It’s free of charge for all current license owners.

These are the changes the update includes:

  • New: New Active Directory Dynamic Fields: Email as link, Web page as link.
  • New: Client Authorization in Remote Access – Access to Exchange Rules PRO Administrator requires appropriate credentials.
  • New action: Force Email Format – the action enables conversion of message body format into HTML or plain text.
  • Fixed: Improvement to program performance and memory use by the template editor.
  • Fixed: RT tags did not work correctly for Plain Text templates.
  • Fixed: In the desktop version when disconnected from the server the Settings button is disabled.
  • Fixed: Improvement to performance and memory use by the built-in tester.
  • Fixed: The “Block message” action did not function correctly in the built-in tester if the message was sent while “Message splitting” was disabled.

To update CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO download and run the installer available on our website. The previous version of the program will be automatically patched and all settings will be kept. Be advised that you might be asked to restart your Exchange Server. For details about the installation procedure read the Installation – Deployment section in CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO User’s Manual.

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5 thoughts on “CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO updated

  1. Hi Andre

    It’s hard to specify the date, but it should have its premiere in maximum of two months. The program is now being tested. We’ll let you know here on our blog :)

  2. Good to hear that. Spend some time with the program and test other rules too. It surely can offer you much more than that!

  3. The action allowing me to convert plain text emails from iPhone and BlackBerry in Rules PRO is especially useful. Good job guys!

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