CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 – Upgrade

We have launched a patch to CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 enabling centralized management of signatures and disclaimers in messages sent via Exchange Server 2007. The new version?s number is 1.0.5.

To install the patch simply download the installer from our website and run the installer. The existing version will automatically upgrade. A restart of the server will not be required but the program will restart the Edge Transport service.

One of the introduced capabilities is support for Windows Server 2008. Another novelty has built into the signature editor. Now, it is possible to remove blank lines that are left after the program pulled data from empty fields in Active Directory ? the functionality known from CodeTwo Exchange Rules for Exchange Server 2000/2003

A major change in the new version is the policy of processing rules for the recipients included in exceptions field.

When we are sending a message addressed to multiple recipients, it is not possible to add the disclaimer/signature for some recipients and have the remaining ones receive the message without it. Technically speaking, it is a single message and it needs to have an identical content for all recipients. This rule applies to all mail clients used in conjunction with Exchange Server 2007 (e.g. Microsoft Office Outlook, Outlook Express, OWA, Blackberry, PDA or other).

This brings us to the ?Exceptions? field and how it should be interpreted when a message is sent to multiple recipients, several of whom are labeled as the exceptions for the rule. Should the footer be inserted or not?

Until now, the policy was this ? if at least once of the recipients belongs to the Exceptions field, the disclaimer/signature would be added to none of the recipients of this message. In the image above, the Exceptions field includes all recipients from the domain. Therefore, if we are sending a message to say 10 addresses and one of them is a account, all the addressees would receive the message devoid of the disclaimer/signature.

Some users complained about his policy. Their argument was a situation in which each message they send includes the address of the head of the department in the Bcc. field, who supervises the correspondence. The exceptions field in the recipients? scope contains the whole local domain (* because the disclaimer does not need to be added to mail sent internally to fellow employees. These settings together with the policy mean that no message in this department would be sent with a disclaimer/signature.

This was enough to convince us a change in the logic of the ?Exceptions field? is necessary. Now the disclaimer will not be added to the message once each and all recipients match the list of exceptions for a rule. Using the previous example, the disclaimer will not be added if all 10 addresses belong to the domain. If at least one of the addressees belongs to a different domain, the disclaimer will be added to all, i.e. also to hotmail users.

One more thing for the users who liked the previous logic of the Exceptions field; even after you have upgraded you will still have an opportunity to revert to the previous policy. You simply enter an additional registry value which is described in our KB article.

Other changes

? Fixed: log files did not create daily or when reached the size of 2MB. To create new log a restart of mail services or the whole server was required. In extreme cases, the log file could weigh up to several dozen MB.
? Fixed: when upgrading from 1.0.1 to 1.0.5 the program could revert to the demo mode. The problem was solved. If the previous version was activated, the activation is still valid after the upgrade.
? If the transport agent for CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 has been uninstalled manually using Exchange Management Shell. The fix enabled uninstallation of the program after it has been partially removed manually.

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