CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 tested: compatibility with SP2 for Exchange

On 24 Aug 2009 Microsoft released Service Pack 2 to Microsoft Exchange 2007. To view the list of issues that are fixed with the latest service pack 2 click here.

Naturally, following its launch our lab embarked on a testing spree to check the compatibility of our products with the big brother’s application. The tests included CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 v.1.0 and v.2.0 – our flagship product used to manage signatures/disclaimers/branding for Exchange mail. It is our sheer pleasure to announce that no issues have been found to exist between CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 and Exchange Server equipped with Service pack 2.

I encourage all users of v.1.0 of CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 to decide to upgrade and take full advantage of the capabilities of the latest version v.2.0. You can do it now at some attractive prices.

Download CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 2.0

See the virtual presentation of the application

Download Service Pack 2 For Exchange 2007

One thought on “CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 tested: compatibility with SP2 for Exchange

  1. Niceee!
    But keep in mind that SP2 for Exchange is far from being a speck of dust; it’s between 870.0 MB – 1754.3 MB.

    And one more thing: make sure you have Windows Installer 4.5 and two very caloric chocolate bars on board before you double-click “Install Service Pack 2”

    The rest should go smoothly.


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