CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 2.1 – Minor Update

We have released a minor update versioned 2.1 to CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007, an application used in the management of disclaimers and signatures in Exchange mail. The new items in the program include:

  • It is possible to split a single message sent to large number of users to insert varied disclaimers. This feature is useful when a message needs to be processed by multiple rules of CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007, e.g. a single message need different footers for different recipients. By default a message sent to multiple users will be handled as a single message by Exchange Server. This is why inserting different footers caused a problem. This is now fixed. Read more about how to split messages addressed to multiple recipients.
  • It is possible now to add custom Active Directory fields used by the program. The file containing custom variables named SchemaExtension.txt must be placed in the installation directory of the application. The newly added variables are available in the signature editor after restarting the server.
  • Extra Active Directory cache has been added to the application. This will reduce the queries to Active Directory leading to enhanced performance.
  • New installer for a desktop installation. It is possible to install the program on a desktop without Exchange. This is useful for customers who want non-admin users without access to Exchange to prepare the settings and footer templates to be later copied to the server. Read more about how to use the desktop version.

For a full list of changes, please see the version history page.

The update is dedicated for users of 2.0 and is free of charge. To update the currently used version with the fix, download and run the installer. The previous version will be automatically detected and patched. Detailed information on the update procedure can be found here.

Download the latest fix for CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007

Version history page

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 Homepage

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