CodeTwo Email Signatures 1.3.0 released

CodeTwo Email Signatures updateWe have just published an update to CodeTwo Email Signatures. Version 1.3.0 introduces a number of improvements we’ve been working on lately. We recommend that you install this version on top of your current installation. It’s free of charge for all license owners.

The biggest changes concern the way the Client Apps work. Starting from this release CodeTwo Email Signatures generates several types of MSI packages that can be distributed among the client PCs. Please refer to this table to see which packages are the most suitable in your client  machines configuration. Furthermore, version 1.3.0 introduces two modes of installing the Client Apps: per user and per machine. It is also no longer required to run the Client App with PC Administrator’s rights.

For full list of changes, please check the version history.

Download CodeTwo Email Signatures 1.3.0
Read how to update CodeTwo software

9 thoughts on “CodeTwo Email Signatures 1.3.0 released

  1. Dear Heinz and Ninke,

    The problem you gave experienced seems to be resolved now. The new version is already available for download:

    I hope this will help. Sorry you had to wait so long.

  2. Hi Heinz,
    I am sorry for the late response. I have just received a confirmation from our dev team that they are currently working on these issues. The new version should be available this week.

  3. Our customer just ordered us to start a market search if there is an alternative which doesn’t have the two above mentioned bugs. Actualy I would prefer a quick fix by developement

  4. I am sorry to hear that Ninke. Like mentioned before, there was no specific date scheduled for this particular issue. I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused to you and your customers.

  5. We’ve just been notified that the developers haven’t even started on this issue yet :-(

    Guess we should start looking for an alternative for our customer because they’re running out of patience.

  6. Hi Ninke,

    I have been told your case (implementing support for custom Exchange attributes) has been reported to the developers but currently there is no information about a specific date of release. Please keep checking our newsletter updates and release notes on our blog.

  7. Hi,
    Any idea when you will be relasing an update to fix the problem where the Email Signature tool uses the Active Directory UserPrincipalName attribute value for the {E-Mail} tag instead of the primary email address?

    I was hoping this would’ve been fixed in the 1.30 release but unfortunately it is missing from the version history and I’ve received confirmation from support that a fix for this issue did not make it into this release.


  8. Thanks for the update but it does not fix:

    Office 365 policies do not work at all.
    Severe Slowdown of network when client app running (Due to 15 second polling intervals)
    15 Second polling interval also does not allow the application to update the signatures.

    Your response to the above:
    Your support case number is [########] – please do not remove this number from the subject of your message.

    Hello Paul,

    Thank you for your confirmation, now the issue is more clear for us.

    I have double-checked the whole case correspondence and I regret to inform that despite our best efforts the issue you have reported cannot be resolved in the current version of the software. We might be able to patch this in a future release of the software but at the moment we are unable to provide a timeframe.

    Should you have more questions, please feel free to ask.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Support

    • Hi Paul. Thank you for letting us know about this problem. I can only confirm that it has been escalated to the development team and they are working on a fix. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

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