Look out! Men at work! CodeTwo Exchange Rules 3.0 is underway

Currently all our efforts are focused on the new version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules 3.0 for Microsoft Exchange 2000/2003. CodeTwo Exchange Rules is an application which enables centralized and convenient management of signatures and disclaimers added to messages travelling through Exchange Server.

Our intention is to release the 3.0 version before the end of February. The Beta version will be made available for download earlier – it will contain the new capabilities.

What’s New in CodeTwo Exchange Rules 3.0?

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New Outlook Add-In From CodeTwo

Since November 2008, apart from our commercial products, we have been working on a new freeware for Microsoft Outlook. The project is called Giegieo, and yes we know that the name is vague and hard to pronounce for an English speaking person. This is because the target user is Polish for the application will be used to merge the most widely used mail client worldwide ?Microsoft Outlook? with the most popular Polish instant messenger Gadu-Gadu. Apart from messaging, its users can make phone calls, text to mobiles, send files, images and listen to radio stations to give a few examples, which renders Gadu-Gadu an equivalent of the well-known Skype messenger.

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Merry Christmas!

Waiting for Christmas

Dear Readers and Users of our Software!

We regret to tell you that no Christmas card, paper or electronic, will be sent to you, which is for our concern for the world timber supply as well as in understanding that your mailboxes are already overbrimming with similar looking wishes. Instead we would like to send you our best wishes from this blog.

Have a Very Merry Christmas!

— CodeTwo Team

The Very First One

We have decided to launch a corporate blog to establish a direct connection with our clients. We will share with you news about the hottest developments and upcoming releases. The blog will also serve us to elaborate on the topics raised by our clients with the support technicians.

We believe the blog is an excellent tool to share ideas. On the one hand, it lets us expand on the important issues related to our software that are not included in the documentation for the lack of room, while on the other it gives us freedom as to the range of subjects that can be raised and the reader an opportunity to respond and comment. Let the Blog be a medium through which you share your feedback, comments, and expectations.

In several posts to follow, we will explore the recent program upgrades, so stay tuned.