Fix 1.0.8 for CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010

We have just released a fix to CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 versioned 1.0.8. The update solves a few minor issues: switching the program to demo mode after network card settings modification, adding footers to messages mistaken for Non Interpersonal and logic of starting and stopping Microsoft Exchange Transport service. Additionally, all the installation files are now digitally signed.

Take a look at the version history page with a full list of changes.

The update is free of charge for all CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 users. To automatically update the currently used version with the fix, download and run the installer. Here you will find detailed information on the update procedure.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 is an application to centrally manage signatures and disclaimers for mail sent using Exchange Server 2010 in a very efficient way.

Download the latest fix for CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 Homepage

25 over 24 hours

Imagine for a moment that the following is possible: your usual 24-hour-long day has been extended by one additional hour. Free of charge, no need to pay it back and you can spend these extra 60 minutes any way you like. The case is of course plainly theoretical and involves magic (it’s not related to the NASA studies on overdriving natural circadian rhythm in order to e.g. help astronauts in accommodating to a Martian day lasting 24.65 earthly hours…)

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Poll results at – CodeTwo Exchange Sync in the lead

In November 2009 we encouraged all satisfied users of CodeTwo Exchange Sync to vote for our program in the poll conducted by On a regular basis, this prestigious website dedicated to Microsoft Exchange Server and related technologies asks its readers to pick the best software in Server categories (e.g. Disclaimers, Outlook Addons or Wireless & Mobility). This time it was about choosing the best application in Exchange Administration category. We are proud to announce that CodeTwo Exchange Sync enabling automatic real-time synchronization of selected data between folders of Microsoft Exchange won the 4th place in the poll (gaining only 2% fewer votes than the bronze medalist). It’s great to know that our software has earned enough trust of its users in a relatively short time since its launch. Thanks go to all users who voted for our application. Congratulations to the winner – Mailscape software.

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Update to CodeTwo Exchange Sync 2.0.10

We have just published the newest update to CodeTwo Exchange Sync, an application that enables automatic synchronization of selected data between folders of Microsoft Exchange server. Exchange Server 2010 is fully supported in version 2.0.10. New update will also allow you to work with Exchange Server configured without public folders.

In order to update currently used version of CodeTwo Exchange Sync to 2.0.10, download and run the installer available on our website. The update process is automatic and all your settings are kept safe. The update is free of charge.

Download the latest version of CodeTwo Exchange Sync

CodeTwo Exchange Sync Main Page

CodeTwo Exchange Rules for Small Business Server 2008 – simple and beneficial licensing

Starting on January 14th, Windows Small Business Server 2008 users can benefit from more favorable licensing terms for CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007, an easy and efficient tool for management of disclaimers in email messages. The price of installing the application on Exchange 2007 varies according to the number of users having their email disclaimers managed. However, we’ve decided to go along with the needs of Windows Small Business Server 2008 users and now they can inexpensively purchase a single license per one SBS server regardless of the number of users. The cost of a license for Exchange Server hosted on Small Business Server 2008 is $ 155. Now you will pay less than half of the standard licensing price, assuming that at least 50 users will benefit from using CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007.

Windows Small Business Server 2008 is an all-in-one server system integrating crucial server technologies (Windows Server 2008, Exchange Server 2007, Windows SharePoint Services 3.0) within a single Microsoft product. An affordable price and simplified server administration makes it a popular choice for small businesses with up to 75 workstations – SBS 2008 supports a maximum of 75 users or devices.

See pricing

Download CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007

Visit CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 Main Page

Disclaimer and signature management for Exchange 2010 Server

I am pleased to announce the release of CodeTwo Exchange Rules for Exchange Server 2010! We are the first company in the world to create software enabling the central management of personal signatures, company disclaimers and legal notes in Exchange 2010.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010, following the line of CodeTwo Exchange Rules disclaimer products for Exchange, is downloadable from our website and can be ordered online. Equipped with this program, the administrators of Exchange 2010 will be able to configure unified personal signatures and disclaimers inserted automatically to emails processed by Exchange 2010 within minutes. Companies can use this program to increase corporate awareness using the most popular communication channel today i.e. electronic mail. Owing to the advanced capabilities of CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010, messages sent by employees can contain the sender’s photo in the signature, or advertise the company products and services as well as give updates on the current promotions.

Some of you may wonder what the rationale behind this product is if Exchange 2010 finally has a built-in capability to manage disclaimers. Unfortunately the feature of Exchange misses on a number of capabilities, which often make it unfit for professional purposes. If you wish to learn why we recommend using CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 to manage corporate mail in Exchange 2010, see this article: Signatures and disclaimers in Exchange Server 2010.

Learn more about the advanced features of CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010, go to the program’s main page.

Download the free version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 to see how easy the management of disclaimers in email message for the whole company and thousands of users can become. The free version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 does not have a time limit and can be used infinitely.

Take a Quick Tour

Download CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010

Visit CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 Main Page

Changing the location of a PST file in CodeTwo Public Folders

The users of CodeTwo Public Folders frequently ask questions about a location of local data file. By default, a local PST file is saved on drive C, in the Application Data folder of the user currently logged into Windows. However, this path can be easily changed if the need arise.

This is a very useful feature for users who cannot store any data on drive C due to policy reasons or simply because of having not enough free space.

Detailed instructions on how to change the location of the PST file can be found in our Knowledge Base. Bear in mind you need to use CodeTwo Public Folders 4.5 or newer.

We are out of office on 11/11/2009

11th November 2009 is a Polish national holiday, we are celebrating our Independence Day. Therefore, we are out of office today and cannot answer your phones, emails or process your orders. We are sorry for the inconvenience, all your requests will be processed on Thursday, 12th November.

Here you can learn more about the restoration of Poland’s independence in 1918.

New version of CodeTwo CatMan

In October Microsoft published the patch for MS Outlook 2007 described in the article KB972363, which installs the security update MS09-060. The update resolves the vulnerabilities in ATL ActiveX Controls. After installing this update the users of our free tool CodeTwo CatMan may experience problems with disappearing of the private categories or with proper displaying the colors of the categories.

After installing this update, Outlook 2007 stopped being resistant to frequent operations on the categories from Master Category List and this was the root cause of the problem. To let our users work with the software without problems we have just published the new version of CodeTwo CatMan which has been optimized to operate on categories properly.

We advise all CodeTwo CatMan users to upgrade to the latest version available on program website. If you haven’t tested CatMan yet, it may be a good time to do it. This freeware lets the users in the network share the categories for all elements in Outlook.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 3.0 is officially released!

We proudly announce the release of CodeTwo Exchange Rules 3.0. Its leading capabilities include:

  • Support for internal mail. Now disclaimers/signatures can also be added to messages sent internally between the members of the same Exchange Server. So far the program enabled adding footers to messages sent outside Exchange organization.
  • Brand new signature editor that includes all functionalities necessary to create professional-looking footers.
  • Active Directory Cache to curb the number of queries to Active Directory resulting in enhanced performance.

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