We are out of office on 11/11

11th November is a Polish national holiday, we are celebrating our Independence Day. Therefore, we are out of office on that day and cannot answer your phones, emails or process your orders. We are sorry for the inconvenience, all your requests will be processed immediately on Friday, 12th November.

Here you can learn more about the restoration of Poland’s independence in 1918.

Autumn In CodeTwo Gives Another Reason To Like Us!

Look! The autumn CodeTwo savings are twirling with the dancing leaves, they are at your fingertips now! And there is really not much to do to seize the 30% discount for the popular CodeTwo Public Folders, a great Outlook Add-in to share your emails, contacts, calendars and documents without Exchange Server! Become our fan on Facebook, share the latest video about CodeTwo Public Folders on your Facebook profile and wait for the promotional code from us!

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Microexpressions Not So Micro At All…

We need to share the news! Szymon and Gniewko, our creative colleagues from CodeTwo Marketing Department, turned out to make a unique team also in the field of music that has been their mutual passion for years. Their music is an experimental mixture of indie, synthpop, postpunk, electronica and ambient. Being precise, the Microexpressions are primarily a 2-piece band, made of Szymon Szczesniak (our Saymon) and Michal Stambulski. This duo, plus Gniewko, also works under a different name – Teodor Donut and composes mainly indie style music. Continue reading...

Rock climbing in Arco

The climbing season 2010 has started! Like last year, my wife Monika, our friends and I decided to begin it in Italy. Arco is a small town in the northern Italy with more than 50 climbing spots. It’s a great place to spend one week of vacation in early Spring. However, in the end, everyone agreed that one week was definitely too short. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining – I know that at the same time CodeTwo Team was working hard on a new release of CodeTwo Exchange Rules

Twelve hours spent in the car did not make the most enjoyable part of the trip but the landscape we could admire after reaching the target compensated our aching backs… Continue reading...


How fragile we are…

We would like to thank for all your words of kindness and sympathy in emails we have been receiving during our time of loss. It’s a truly sad moment for Poland and we really appreciate your thoughtfulness and caring. Thank you again.

On April 10th, 97 people died in a plane crash near Smolensk, Russia. Dozens of Poland’s military, political and church elite members were killed, including the Polish president and other dignitaries who traveled to a ceremony honoring the 22,000 Polish prisoners of war killed 70 years ago by the Soviet Union’s secret police.

Read more about the tragedy on CNN.

CodeTwo Public Folders is MSExchange Readers’ Choice Award Winner – first runner-up!

We’re proud to announce that CodeTwo Public Folders, one of our flagship applications that lets you share Outlook data in real time without Exchange, was selected the first runner-up in the Outlook Addon category of the MSExchange.org Readers’ Choice Awards!

The voting for the best product in Outlook Addon category took place in February. We’re happy that our application has gained trust among the readers of MSExchange.org, who decided to cast their votes at CodeTwo Public Folders. It’s great to know that the work we put on making our software as useful for you as possible pays off. Thank you!

CodeTwo Public Folders is an application that makes sharing Outlook data in real time on multiple computers installed in the network possible. It is praised for its ease of use and effectiveness in aiding workgroup and electronic document workflow.

TechGenix (previously MSExchange.org) is a prestigious Microsoft Exchange Server and related technologies (Microsoft Outlook, OWA, OMA) resource site, attracting over 420,000 Exchange administrators and specialists a month. MSExchange.org provides the latest Microsoft Exchange Server news, articles and tutorials authored by leading experts, message boards, software listings and product reviews.

CodeTwo Public Folders HomePage

IT competition continues, PS3 motivates…

In the beginning of February we reported on an IT competition held in our town for students of local secondary schools. CodeTwo, a lead sponsor of this event, has prepared a tempting prize for the future IT revolutionaries – Sony PlayStation®3 – brand new and ready to set the virtual world on fire.

The first stage of the competition took place last week and a large number of contestants was quite a surprise for the competition hosts, Karkonosze College, a State Higher Vocational School. Paradoxically, according to the Dean of Technical Faculty, many participants are wondering how to win… 3rd place in the competition. Surprising at first, the idea makes more sense when you discover that the prize for the second runner-up is… Sony PlayStation®3!

The next stage of the competition takes place on April 15th. Good luck to all the participants, keep coding!

CodeTwo Exchange Sync 2.0.14 – Minor Update

We have released a minor update versioned 2.0.14 to CodeTwo Exchange Sync, an application to synchronize Exchange Server folders in an easy and efficient way. In the newest version the mechanisms of MAPI function have been improved and an error causing the program to switch to demo mode has been eliminated.

On the version history page you will find the full list of changes.

The update is free of charge for all CodeTwo Exchange Sync users. To update the currently used version with the fix, download and run the installer available on our website. The previous version will be automatically patched and all your settings will be kept safe. Here you will find detailed information on the update procedure.

Download the latest fix for CodeTwo Exchange Sync

CodeTwo Exchange Sync Homepage

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 2.1.3 – Minor Update

An update to CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 versioned 2.1.3 has just been released. It fixes a few minor issues: reporting an error for a preview of the rule with no template available, time-out warnings during the installation and an error causing the program to switch to demo mode. If those bugs have been bothering you, download the update and your problem will be solved.

Visit the version history page with a detailed list of changes.

The update is free of charge for all CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 users. To update the currently used version with the fix, download and run the installer. The previous version will be automatically detected and patched. Here you will find detailed information on the update procedure.

With CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 you can easily manage signatures and disclaimers for mail sent using Exchange Server 2007.

Download the latest fix for CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 Homepage

Coconuts and global access to information

I recently watched a program on sharks that focused on their tendency to attack surfers and eat surfboards. Of course, it had not been the first time I saw this problem filmed in a wildlife documentary as these are aired quite frequently on numerous channels. On this occasion I remembered I had heard once that coconuts that hang stealthily under the palm tree canopies could be equally predatory. Don’t be fooled by their seeming harmlessness. Coconuts, just as ticks, wait for the passing people and when the time is right, plunge onto their ‘prey’ from the hideaway, which often leads to serious injuries… Continue reading...