How to trace your rules and messages in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro

Hi again CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro Users! Read about our new tip which you may find useful while creating your own rules from scratch…

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro gives you the possibility to set up conditions, exceptions and actions of your rules exactly the way you want it. The application offers you many functions to choose from. Owing to this, can be sure that the constant email flow in your company is well managed and controlled. The created rules determine, e.g. if the message should be rerouted, blocked, encoded, stamped with a signature or auto-replied. The range of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro features is quite extensive. The picture below presents a list of available actions, while there is a similar number of conditions and exceptions accessible in this e-mail management program. Continue reading...

CodeTwo AutoLogon – a new program for MS Exchange and SharePoint users

We are happy to introduce our new free tool CodeTwo AutoLogon which has been created for users utilizing MS Exchange mailboxes or SharePoint platforms. If you are one of them, you certainly know that every time you want to access these services from outside your domain profile, you are required to manually fill in your login and password in order to be authorized. In addition, there is no default option for your system to remember these credentials after rebooting, so you just have to keep on repeating this activity. It also becomes annoying when you need to quickly work simultaneously on many accounts.

CodeTwo AutoLogon can save you the hassle. Having this application installed, you let the program log you in automatically. Owing to this, you can save your time, enjoying a fast access to the desired data, even on many accounts at once. Sounds good? Have a look at CodeTwo AutoLogon website in our Free Tools section and download it for free.

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Student Workshops at CodeTwo

As you know, our headquarters is based in Jelenia Góra, a unique town in the south of Poland, surrounded by the wonderful Giant Mountains (Karkonosze). Among its many charms, this country has undoubtedly one particularly important aspect  for the growing number of technological institutions that build their offices and research centers here: our talented programmers.

The level of education in the Exact sciences in Poland is very high. My American and British friends claim some of the subjects on the Polish curriculum of Mathematics at secondary school are not introduced until University level in their respective countries.

So maybe because of the early ‘mind-exercises’, Polish young programmers evidently distinguish themselves with impressive achievements in worldwide programming contests. We can also be proud of  TopCoder international competitions results: in the Algorithm Category Poland is the 4th top rated country and Warsaw University takes the 2nd place among participating schools.

It is no wonder that our team is full of youthful energy and mental agility. Our doors are wide open for talented graduates. Recently, our company has been involved in educational enterprise for local IT students. A group of young computer “geeks” from ‘InteleKKt’, a school IT club, has been participating in practical workshops conducted by CodeTwo specialists. The last meetings were devoted to SEO, website positioning strategies and multithreaded programming. CodeTwo give ambitious students a chance to broaden their knowledge of essential programming techniques. A comprehensive understanding of these issues increases their job prospects at CodeTwo.  Students are also motivated to choose subjects proposed by CodeTwo for their Final Engineering Projects.

Since CodeTwo is developing rapidly, successfully selling software worldwide, the new jobs are being created within the organization. Local students already know that early investment into their practical skills will pay off in the near future when they try to join CodeTwo team. In fact, many skilled programmers from across the country come to CodeTwo, tempted with an attractive job environment as well as a beauty of this region, and have made significant contribution into achieving our company mission.

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Active Directory dynamic fields on MS Exchange Server

Our newest program CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro is getting more and more of your attention, so we’ve decided to post practical tips regarding its functions. We want to tell you about some of the useful features this powerful email management software offers, and which may be not obvious for first-time users. Let’s focus today on Active Directory dynamic fields.

What are dynamic fields?

They are placeholders of our personalized email signature template referring to particular information, such as message sender details, images, message subject or even current date. So why do we call them ‘dynamic’? It’s because they dynamically retrieve data from Active Directory, from a location on the hard drive (images) or from message properties. Continue reading...

CodeTwo Exchange Sync 3rd in Readers’ Choice

The results of the last poll conducted by in the Exchange Administration Category were good news for us. CodeTwo Exchange Sync was announced the second runner-up in Readers’ Choice Awards. It is a great honour for us, since is one of the most popular Microsoft Exchange Server resource sites, visited by over 350 000 Exchange experts a month.

CodeTwo Exchange Sync enables automatic synchronization of selected data between folders of Microsoft Exchange Server. The program also supports synchronization of mobile devices (e.g. PDA, BlackBerry and devices based on Windows Mobile) with public folders of MS Exchange Server and Outlook. This is a perfect solution for professionals who need to create an Exchange group calendar, shared Exchange contact base, sync mobile phones with Exchange or simply monitor their workers’ tasks. See practical applications of CodeTwo Exchange Sync.

It’s wonderful to know that users are content with CodeTwo Outlook Sync and choose this third-party solution to support their work with Exchange Server. CodeTwo Team says “Thank you” to Readers for their votes!

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Email filtering and sensitive content protection on Exchange Server

Nowadays, most of us can hardly imagine living without using e-mail. Certainly, electronic mail has replaced traditional mail in many cases, becoming an efficient tool for communication and marketing. We use e-mail every day, starting from personal messages and finishing on purely business-related matters: job applications, subscriptions, reservations, transactions, promotional vouchers, invoices, on-line shopping, etc. A great number of important and confidential information flows from one inbox to another one and we can never be sure of its safety.

Now, let’s imagine a large company, where this number increases along with the series of promotional materials, newsletters, business offers, job enquires, clients complaints, support requests, inter-departments conversations and plain rubbish messages with no value for the company. How can we possibly manage such a mass of information and keep all the messages in order and properly secured?

A smart email filter seems to be a perfect solution for this problem. Continue reading...

Tell our boss what you think about us!

That’s right, from now on you are able to share all your concerns and praises directly with our Managing Director. On the right hand side of our web page, just below the Live Chat widget, we have added a new expendable box entitled “Your opinion”. We believe it is a convenient and quick way for you to tell us about your experiences with our software and services or just to share your general impressions of our company – regardless if they are positive or negative. You can be sure that your message is sent directly to Michal Bednarz – a Managing Director in CodeTwo.

We hope this feature will help us better understand your needs, so we  can provide the highest quality service and make our products always meet your requirements.  We are looking forward to your comments!

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