CodeTwo featured as a Cloud Computing Expert in Newsweek

The Polish edition of Newsweek has just published an article on digitalization of business and current trends in the world of IT, especially – the Cloud. And who knows best what makes the digital world go round if not leading developers of cloud-based software? Szymon Szczęśniak, the Business Development Director at CodeTwo, was happy to share his insights on the Cloud Shift and how it influences the IT industry.

CodeTwo provides software which has already helped many companies with a seamless migration to Office 365 – one of the most popular cloud solutions of today. Our email signature manager for Office 365 is one of the most popular tools of its kind in the world. We know Office 365 and Microsoft Azure inside out and we are happy to be considered as experts in the field!

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CodeTwo featured as Cloud Computing Expert in Newsweek

How to fix problems with images disappearing from email replies in iPhones and iPads

Do you use pictures in your emails? Most people do. Did you know that there is a problem you might face if you use iOS devices like iPhone or iPad? Whenever you reply to a message or forward it using such a native mail app, graphical elements such as pictures, logos or banners get deleted. That is a default behavior for iPhones and iPads, but there is a solution which works on Exchange Server.

Why are images deleted from iPhone or iPad?

That is just the default behavior in native iOS mail app to delete images from email body when you reply to a message. It might be a way to declutter mailboxes and to save some space. Maybe it is designed that way because the original recipient has already seen the images. Although this might be found as perfectly logical, for some it is a twisted logic as it makes doing your job harder. Continue reading...

Restore images deleted in replies from iPhones

Free Out of Office Manager from CodeTwo

UPDATE: We are sorry, but CodeTwo Out of Office Manager mentioned in this article has been discontinued. If you are looking for an alternative for Exchange Server, take a look at the auto respond feature in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro.

Imagine you write to someone who has just gone on their annual leave. Not a big deal, everyone needs a vacation once in a while. But what if they forget to set up their Out of Office reply or take a sudden leave and your email is not forwarded? Personally, I would be pretty furious if I had to wait for a week just to find out someone was absent. Another problem with Out of Office replies is that sometimes they are unique, user-created. Sometimes, those automatic responses might be even worse. Most people just want to know when you come back and who to contact when you are gone. They are not that interested in your family life, or what you like to do in your free time. Some Out of Office messages make you think what kind of company is into such oversharing policy. Unfortunately, such situations happen. Neither Exchange Server, nor Office 365 lets you centrally manage those automatic replies for other users in a user-friendly way. That is why we have thought that a free Out of Office Manager might come in handy. Continue reading...

Free Out of Office Manager by CodeTwo

New geolocations in CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365: West Europe and West US

Our mission to conquer the world (of email signatures) continues. The newest CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 update gives you two additional geolocations to choose from: West Europe and US West. This update brings the total number of available geolocations to the following seven: North Europe, West Europe, North Central US, West US, UK South, Australia East and Canada East. Continue reading...

ESIG new geolocations West Europe & West US

Synchronize Outlook between two computers for free

UPDATE: We are sorry, but CodeTwo Public Folders mentioned in this article has been discontinued. You can check the list of currently available CodeTwo products here.

If you use Outlook in your everyday work, sharing its folders between different computers can completely change your working experience and increase your overall productivity. Now, synchronizing Outlook between 2 computers has become a lot easier than it was before. This is because our popular Outlook sharing plugin, CodeTwo Outlook Sync has just become a free tool. No trial period, no ads, or strings attached. Simply download it and enjoy its benefits for free!

What is CodeTwo Outlook Sync?

There are many programs and add-ins designed to make Microsoft Outlook more powerful than it already is. CodeTwo Outlook Sync belongs to this group, but it certainly does stand out in the crowd. Why? Because it is the most powerful application allowing to synchronize Outlook between two computers in real-time. And now it’s completely free! Continue reading...

Automatically add one-click CSAT surveys to all emails sent from your company

Our email signature management solutions for Office 365 (CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365) and on-premises Exchange Server (CodeTwo Exchange Rules Family) can add one-click email surveys to your correspondence. This feature can help you measure your customer satisfaction in a highly effective way.

Knowing how satisfied your customers are is very important. If your customers are not satisfied with the services you offer – you need to rethink and redesign your customer relation strategy. If their satisfaction is high, you need to ensure it remains that way. Opinions customers send on their own via email or post on social media are valuable, but, if you look at the big picture, rather rare in comparison with the number of all customers you serve. That is why we decided to provide you with an easy and effective way to check how your customers rate their experience. Continue reading...

CodeTwo email signatures with CSAT surveys

How to measure customer satisfaction with email signatures

UPDATE (December 8, 2020): We’ve updated the article to provide simplified integration instructions for CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365.

There are many different ways to check if your customers are happy. This article presents how to measure customer satisfaction with email signatures. The method discussed below requires CodeTwo Exchange Rules if you are running on-premises Exchange or CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 if you have an Office 365 organization.

Adding customer satisfaction surveys to your email signatures requires a survey creation tool. There are many to choose from, though you need to make sure the one you use supports one-click surveys. In this article, I am using a free trial of the Simplesat service. It lets me create one-click surveys with follow-up questions and has reporting tools. You can also create additional steps of the survey, which can differ depending on the customer responses. Continue reading...

How to Measure Customer Satisfaction with email signatures

See you at Microsoft Inspire 2017

Microsoft Inspire 2017, the biggest Microsoft Partner Conference of the year, starts in a few moments. We can’t wait to meet you there! The event will take place in Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. on July 9-13, 2017. Microsoft Inspire, previously known as World Partner Conference (WPC) is a chance for IT experts and Microsoft Partners to meet, share ideas and simply talk about technology and partnerships. Continue reading...

Meet CodeTwo at MS Inspire Image Blog

Migration from Office 365 and Exchange 2016 – new features in CodeTwo migration tools

With the newest update, CodeTwo Exchange Migration and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration have just received new features. The new version introduces some major changes and unlocks new migration scenarios:

  • Gives the option to migrate from Office 365 to Exchange Server
  • Supports mailbox migration between Office 365 tenants
  • Allows to set size limit for migrated items
  • Enables migrations from Exchange 2016

Continue reading...

CodeTwo migration solutions: EWS Update migrate from Office 365