Share Outlook calendars – set meetings, make appointments and check the availability of resources at a glance

In the olden days, we often had large paper calendars hanging on the wall in the central point of the office. This way everyone was able to see the current work schedule and also check the upcoming months. Today, when offices are often spread over many locations, not only inside one building, but also all over the globe, using the wall calendar is not practical anymore. That’s why we’ve all switched to digital calendars, which enable us to add or change appointment and make notes in a blink of an eye. But we still need the ability of sharing Outlook calendars with others. CodeTwo Public Folders is an easy to use application that allows everyone in your office to share Outlook calendars with each other. You can share data between two or more computers in a local network or over the Internet. All in a secure, reliable way, without using the Cloud. Continue reading...

Share tasks in Outlook, manage teamwork and get things done with CodeTwo Public Folders.

UPDATE: We are sorry, but CodeTwo Task Workflow and CodeTwo Public Folders mentioned in this article have been discontinued. You can check the list of currently available CodeTwo products here.

The main advantage of group work in the office is that things get done faster. In comparison to individual work, team goals are achieved quicker and projects are run with greater efficiency. To achieve this, however, groups need an effective task sharing tool.

CodeTwo Public Folders enables you to manage group tasks directly in Outlook. Task sharing is not limited to just the default Tasks folder created automatically in all Outlook profiles. Our program allows you to also share any additional task folder created e.g. for a specific project. You can then share access to this folder with your co-workers, so they are able to review the task list. The task description might include such information as a detailed specification, the name of the person responsible for the completion of the task, due date, priority, percentage of completion, etc. This way, since all tasks are stored in one group folder, the manager of the project has easy access to them, can track their progress and react to the situation when necessary. Continue reading...

CodeTwo migration tools reviewed by Microsoft Exchange MVPs

It has been almost half a year now since the release of our migration tools for Exchange Server and Office 365. During the last few months we have gathered a lot of feedback about what can be done better and what new features to implement. Thanks to the hard work of our programmers CodeTwo Exchange Migration and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration have now become well recognized tools among Exchange Server and Office 365 administrators. The effort we put in developing our migration software into its current state has been also recently appreciated by two Microsoft Exchange MVPs – J. Peter Bruzzese (TechGenix, previously and Ratish Nair ( Their in-depth product reviews have been just published on the Internet. Let’s find out more about their opinions below. Continue reading...

CodeTwo Email Signatures 1.2.8 now available

CodeTwo Email Signatures updateJust a few hours ago a new version of CodeTwo Email Signatures was published. The program, designed to enable central management of signatures and disclaimers in Office 365 and Google Apps (Gmail), is constantly being improved by CodeTwo programmers. The new version (1.2.8) includes a number of bug fixes users requested recently. It has been also successfully tested for full compatibility with Windows 8.1 and Exchange 2013 OWA. Feel free to download the new version and to update your current installations. The update is free for all valid license owners. Continue reading...

Central management of Out of Office messages in Office 365 & Exchange

UPDATE: We are sorry, but CodeTwo Out of Office Manager mentioned in this article has been discontinued. If you are looking for an alternative for Exchange Server, take a look at the auto respond feature in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro.

As the speed of life and the number of our daily tasks increases, we search for ways to organize the chaos of our everyday duties. We try to automate as many things as possible to save up some time, or we delegate tasks to others in order to be able to take care of other important things. Microsoft Outlook, OWA and Office 365 have some useful options that help us manage our timetable in a more efficient way. The calendar, reminders and recurrence editor are certainly among them. But what about Out of Office messages? Is there a way to manage these items centrally so that users don’t have to think about setting auto replies every time they leave the office? Can we set recurring Out of Office messages centrally on Exchange or Office 365, without doing anything on the client machines and bothering our busy employees? The answer is yes, as long as we have CodeTwo Out of Office manager onboard. Continue reading...

Migrations to Exchange Server and Office 365 – new updates released

Update to CodeTwo migration toolsAre you planning to switch to Exchange 2013, or Office 365 anytime soon? Or maybe you need to migrate your mailboxes to another Exchange Server forest, and need a reliable tool that would reduce the time, cost and resources consumption? If your answer is “yes” to any of those questions, we’ve got some good news for you. We have just released new updates to our Exchange Server and Office 365 migration tools. The new versions of CodeTwo Exchange Migration and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration are already available on our website. Continue reading...

Update to Exchange Server and Office 365 migration tools

We have just released new versions of our migration tools for Exchange Server and Office 365. CodeTwo Exchange Migration and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration gained a bunch of new features which now make the entire Exchange Server and Office 365 migration process more seamless and even easier to perform than before. Those changes were made upon the advice of our users, for which we are extremely grateful. Thank you for all your comments and feature requests! Continue reading...

CodeTwo Office 365 Migration – Migrate Exchange to Office 365 easily

As Microsoft Cloud services are becoming more and more popular these days, many companies consider moving their employees’ mailboxes to Office 365. Although Microsoft has provided server administrators with some basic tools and documentation, Exchange to Office 365 migration is still not an easy thing to do. Things can get a lot easier when you are equipped with a proper migration tool. If you are right about to move your Exchange Server organization to the Cloud, CodeTwo Office 365 Migration will help you make the entire operation faster, less complicated and much cheaper than you initially thought.

Seamless migration from Exchange Server to Office 365

The primary task of CodeTwo Office 365 Migration is to simplify the process of migrating users from on-premises Exchange Server to Office 365. The program was designed to be as simple to use as possible and to reduce the amount of pre-configuration tasks to minimum. Thanks to the smooth and clear user’s interface every necessary option is easily accessible directly from the program’s windows – no PowerShell commands are needed anymore.

After installing the application and connecting it to the source Active Directory domain, the mailboxes are displayed along with connection settings and status indicators. Every option is easily reachable.

Migrating from Exchange to Office 365 with CodeTwo Office 365 Migration is really simple. Before starting the migration process, you need to establish a connection with the target Office 365 organization and choose the target mailbox in the Cloud for each user you are going to move.

Connecting to Office 365

When the location for each user’s mailbox is chosen you can launch your migration. While migrating your Exchange Server to Office 365 the program will carry out a maximum of 4 processes at a time. The total time of your migration is dependent on the quality of the Internet connection you use.

Migrating Exchange to Office 365

Data security and detailed reporting

With CodeTwo Office 365 Migration there’s no risk of losing any sort of data during the migration. The program doesn’t actually move the mailbox from the source server but creates an exact copy of it in the Cloud. The administrator can verify the result of the migration in detail before the final transition is made. No data is deleted by the program at any point. What’s more, each mailbox migration can be reviewed by checking the log files that are generated immediately after the migration finishes. Every problem can be easily identified and solved.

Migrate from Exchange 2003, 2007 and 2010

CodeTwo Office 365 Migration allows for migrating from Exchange Server 2003, 2007 and 2010. At the same time the program keeps the entire process equally simple, no matter which Exchange Server edition is used as the source of your Office 365 migration. The program also fully supports direct migrations from Exchange 2003 – see the video below:

Get it completely free!

All the benefits of using CodeTwo Office 365 Migration are available completely at no cost, provided that you have an active Office 365 subscription and are willing to perform a few simple steps described here. Participating in this program won’t cost you anything and will let us get paid for our work by Microsoft, as your Partner of Record.

Before you make a decision you can also try out the trial version of CodeTwo Office 365 Migration. Simply download the installer and test the program completely free of charge. The trial version has some limitations though. During the trial period you are only allowed to migrate 10 items per given folder. The trial version remains active for 30 days.

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