Attention! Leap Year Warning!

Leap Year Warning

Attention users of CodeTwo products for Office 365:

Please be advised that products mentioned above were designed for operation in standard 365-day years.

Leap years, such as the current one (2016), contain a non-standard number of 366 days, which leaves 1 day WITHOUT SUPPORT.

We are working to fix this issue before the next leap year. In the meantime, we encourage users to prepare for the inconvenience by selecting 1 day during the year 2016 and suspending operation of your CodeTwo product/s for the duration of said day.

To facilitate the selection process, we have prepared a convenient list of recommended CodeTwo-less days, paired with suggestions of responses to complaints about lack of CodeTwo service.

System Administrator Appreciation Day (2016-07-29)
Response: SysAdmin Day comes only once a year. Please respect it.

International Beer Day (2016-08-05)
Response: I’m unable to respond at this time due to ongoing International Beer Day celebrations.

Halloween (2016-10-31)
Response: The CodeTwo service is dead today.

Any Friday the 13th
Response: I knew something like this was going to happen today!

International Procrastination Day
Response: I’ll get right on it!

Opposite Day
Response: Must be Opposite Day.

Thank you for understanding and have a great day!

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