Why partner with CodeTwo?

More than 62,000 companies all over the world use CodeTwo solutions. These numbers reflect the trust we have gained over the past 10 years. Our experience gathered through all these years manifests in delivering high-quality, secure and intuitive software used by organizations of all sizes and from all industries. So if you are ready to go hand in hand with CodeTwo to continue the success story, we will be happy to partner with you!

Why Partner with CodeTwo?

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Christmas mode on!

As this is our last day at work before Christmas, our IT security officer is getting ready to turn the Christmas decorations on. Wish him luck! In case this doesn’t end well… We wish you all happy holidays and a peaceful time spent with your loved ones. May Santa bring you joy, restful holidays and a prosperous 2018.

Merry Christmas from CodeTwo

Merry Christmas from CodeTwo!

CodeTwo Office 365 Migration featured in Gartner’s report

We are proud to let you know that CodeTwo was recognized as a Representative Vendor in Market Guide for Cloud Office Migration Tools for its CodeTwo Office 365 Migration.* We are happy to be considered a trusted and reliable software provider and will continue to constantly improve our products.

CodeTwo Office 365 Migration featured in Gartner's Market Guide

Gartner, while being unbiased and objective, does not feature just any software in its reports and comparisons. See the short outline of our application’s features below to learn why we are included as one of the chosen few.

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How to create Christmas email signatures with CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365?

Christmas is around the corner so it is a good idea to think of setting up Christmas-flavored email signatures. By adding promotional banners to your Office 365 signatures, you can easily inform your customers about special offers, discounts or updates to your opening hours. Let’s see how these and other tricks can be done using – CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365.

Use Christmas-flavoured marketing banners

The easiest and the cheapest way to alert your customers about your Christmas special offers is to add marketing banners to email signatures. Banners in signatures are your free marketing space that you can use for multiple purposes. You can promote your Christmas slogans, inform recipients about your seasonal discounts, or simply wish everyone “Happy Holidays”.

Add Christmas-flavoured banner to your signatures.

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Faster migration and RBAC – new update to CodeTwo migration tools

We have released a new update to our migration tools CodeTwo Exchange Migration and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration. The newest version brings two significant improvements – the Role Based Access Control model (RBAC) to manage access permissions and even faster and more stable migration.

Update to CodeTwo migration tools

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CodeTwo featured as a Cloud Computing Expert in Newsweek

The Polish edition of Newsweek has just published an article on digitalization of business and current trends in the world of IT, especially – the Cloud. And who knows best what makes the digital world go round if not leading developers of cloud-based software? Szymon Szczęśniak, the Business Development Director at CodeTwo, was happy to share his insights on the Cloud Shift and how it influences the IT industry.

CodeTwo featured as Cloud Computing Expert in Newsweek

CodeTwo provides software which has already helped many companies with a seamless migration to Office 365 – one of the most popular cloud solutions of today. Our email signature manager for Office 365 is one of the most popular tools of its kind in the world. We know Office 365 and Microsoft Azure inside out and we are happy to be considered as experts in the field!

Thank you!

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Why we attend and sponsor events like IT/Dev Connections

Since 2015, when we first went to the show, we have been holding the belief that IT/Dev Connection is one of the best IT conferences we have ever attended. Why we think so, we already covered in the last year review and the review of the 2015 edition. This year’s show was equally great – full of knowledge-packed sessions, great people, and inspiring conversations at our booth.

In addition to conversations we had with IT pros next to our booth, we also had a chance to answer some questions from ITProToday. As we sponsored the conference, they wanted to ask what our reflections about the event are when looking at it from the sponsor’s perspective. There was also some room left to talk about our solutions and how they make admin’s life easier. So if you feel like learning more, follow the link below to read the full interview by ITProToday:

Sponsor Spotlight: CodeTwo at #ITDevConnections

CodeTwo at IT Dev ConnectionsSource: http://www.itprotoday.com/industry-perspectives/sponsor-spotlight-code-two-itdevconnections

The next IT/Dev Connections event is going to happen on October 15-18, 2018 in Dallas. Make sure to mark your calendar to attend this great show!

How to fix problems with images disappearing from email replies in iPhones and iPads

Do you use pictures in your emails? Most people do. Did you know that there is a problem you might face if you use iOS devices like iPhone or iPad? Whenever you reply to a message or forward it using such a native mail app, graphical elements such as pictures, logos or banners get deleted. That is a default behavior for iPhones and iPads, but there is a solution which works on Exchange Server.

Restore images deleted in replies from iPhones

Why are images deleted from iPhone or iPad?

That is just the default behavior in native iOS mail app to delete images from email body when you reply to a message. It might be a way to declutter mailboxes and to save some space. Maybe it is designed that way because the original recipient has already seen the images. Although this might be found as perfectly logical, for some it is a twisted logic as it makes doing your job harder.

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Free Out of Office Manager from CodeTwo

Imagine you write to someone who has just gone on their annual leave. Not a big deal, everyone needs a vacation once in a while. But what if they forget to set up their Out of Office reply or take a sudden leave and your email is not forwarded? Personally, I would be pretty furious if I had to wait for a week just to find out someone was absent. Another problem with Out of Office replies is that sometimes they are unique, user-created. Sometimes, those automatic responses might be even worse. Most people just want to know when you come back and who to contact when you are gone. They are not that interested in your family life, or what you like to do in your free time. Some Out of Office messages make you think what kind of company is into such oversharing policy. Unfortunately, such situations happen. Neither Exchange Server, nor Office 365 lets you centrally manage those automatic replies for other users in a user-friendly way. That is why we have thought that a free Out of Office Manager might come in handy.

Free Out of Office Manager by CodeTwo

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Office 365 server signatures visible while composing emails in Outlook for Mac

As we informed recently, we added a new feature to CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365, which allows you to preview server-sided signatures while composing emails. Today, we have another great news for you – the signature preview feature is now also available for Outlook for Mac users.

Outlook for Mac signature preview

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