Top 5 free Outlook Add-ons from CodeTwo

UPDATE: We are sorry, but CodeTwo AutoConfig and  CodeTwo Attach Unblocker mentioned in this article have been discontinued. You can check the list of currently available CodeTwo products here.

We are presenting 5 top wanted freewares from CodeTwo, designed for Microsoft Outlook users*. The list below depicts the most frequently downloaded Outlook boosters that you can find on CodeTwo’s website and many popular on-line software services, such as Cnet, PC World, Brothersoft or Tucows.

Check out the ranking below and find out why people esteem these apps!

No 1 – CodeTwo AutoConfig –  an ultra fast application for Outlook account configuration

Users of this smart application already know that creating new e-mail account in Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail does not necessarily mean you have to spend ages digging in concealed windows of advanced options’ settings. All you need to do when using CodeTwo AutoConfig is enter an e-mail address and press Create account and the whole configuration procedure is done by the program. What is more, you can use this handy feature to create an e-mail account based on POP3/SMTP protocol. Outlook configures IMAP-based accounts only.
Check out the video presentation of this cool plugin:

No 2 – CodeTwo Outlook Export – export all text files, even those from private, non-default folders

Let’s imagine a practical situation of you wanting to quickly make an Excel report, based on an archived e-mail conversation saved in your private Outlook folder or personal journal entries. The Microsoft’s e-mail client allows you to export nothing but standard folders, such as contacts, e-mails or calendar. How to deal with your task then? CodeTwo Outlook Export is your lifebelt and solves the issue within a few clicks. It will export and convert selected files into CSV format that can be later imported into MS Excel, OpenOffice, MS Notepad or MS Works. This add-in is one of the oldest ones from CodeTwo, but apparently even with time passing it is not falling down in popularity.

Users of CodeTwo Outlook Export say…

I downloaded and installed it. And I have to tell you, I was simply amazed at how well written, logically laid out, intuitive, simple, and functional it was!! It just flat works and works well! I expected a free piece of software to look…well… “free” looking. Nothing could be further from the truth. I am quite pleased with it, and I wanted to show my thanks and gratitude for making a tool like this available, and for free no less.

George Misdary,
TAG Your I.T.

No 3 – CodeTwo Attach Unblocker – unchain the exe., reg., .url and other outcasts!

The story is probably well-known to many of you. Microsoft wanted to do you a good turn and programed Outlook to block files that are potential viruses. That is why files with extensions such as .exe, .url, .pst, .com, .reg etc. have been totally disabled from viewing, saving or printing. Worst of all, the unblocking procedure is hard to swallow for a computer layman, while it irritates the rest. Many users simply want to be in charge of their e-mail and decide about its potential hazard themselves. Fortunately, CodeTwo Attach Unblocker is a fast and effective solution for this annoying problem, at the same time the 3rd most popular freeware among CodeTwo’s add-ons.

No 4 – CodeTwo Outlook Sync – enjoy one Outlook on two computers

Our number 4 is a free solution that seems to be godsend for those who work in Outlook on two machines (e.g. PC and laptop) or in tight cooperation with wife/husband, secretary, business partner or friend (assuming they are in one network). In both cases, a real-time synchronization of Outlook calendar or contacts list is a huge convenience. Many times we can see people asking if there is a possibility to share such information between two computers without an expensive Exchange Server, since it is for only two computers anyway… CodeTwo gives you the solution. It is called CodeTwo Outlook Sync, was developed not so long ago, yet this year, and it has already been leading among the several CodeTwo’s freewares in terms of monthly downloads’ rate. Have a look at Szymon’s video to get a better idea of what this friendly app can do for you.

Users about CodeTwo Outlook Sync…

This is a wonderful program. It works very quickly. It installs easily. It automatically locates necessary files. There is no need to exit Outlook when synchronizing computers. I’ve been searching for Code Two Outlook Sync for ten years! Code Two Outlook Sync is extremely accurate. Synchronize with confidence.

Craig Penn

Tip for you
If you want to sync Outlook between more than two PCs, without Microsoft Exchange Server, check out CodeTwo Public Folders.

No 5 – CodeTwo CatMan – mark with colors, names and share Outlook categories with others

At this point we come back to the Outlook group-work’s topic again. CodeTwo CatMan is a light and logical application that extends Outlook categories’ sharing and management capabilities. Thanks to this plugin, users can apply to categories their own identification method, assigning different names, colors and access rights to selected categories. Categories can be defined as private (visible only for one user) or public (located in the local network or on an FTP or WWW server). Users of public categories can access them even when they are outside the network, e.g. on a business trip. Simon can tell you more about it:
CodeTwo CatMan is a useful add-on for those who share Outlook folders with others. That is why it is willingly utilized by users of CodeTwo Public Folders.

CodeTwo CatMan’s users say…

The smart and simple, yet amazingly brilliant tools and plug-ins available from CodeTwo take Office Outlook efficiency and collaboration to a whole another level!
We use Code Two Public Folders, and as a small business, it just didn’t make sense for us to spend the money on an Exchange Server to get the functionality we easily get from you guys here at Code Two. This covers it all!
Then… when we added CatMan – it was revolutionary! Now, easily, every employee uses a master, common color-coded category list on all our calendars, emails, contacts, tasks, etc…. we can know what’s happening with our sales pipeline, meetings, and general workflow at a glance!
Thanks, CodeTwo, for doing what you do to make it so easy for us to do what we do!

Joel Wetzstein
Armstrong St. Clair, INC

All the mentioned tools are totally free and always available to download from our website. We are pleased to know that they serve you well and we want to thank you for the feedback we get from you. We also appreciate all the feature requests you send us regarding our solutions as they inspire us to make the next moves towards their further development and upgrading. Our calendar is full of dates arranged for new programs’ releases, so we can assure you the great freewares’ collection is still to be expanded. If you want to be up-to-date with the latest at CodeTwo, click the Like button on our Facebook pages: CodeTwo and Outlook Free Add-ins.

*) The results are based on our internal statistics of the monthly programs’ downloads from official CodeTwo’s websites.

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