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Date Published: 13 May 2024
Latest Version:
Size: 32.6 MB

Supported platforms

Windows Server 2022 / 2019 / 2016(1)
Windows 11 / 10(2)

Microsoft 365 (Office 365) plans with Exchange Online
Microsoft 365 (Office 365) plans with SharePoint Online
Exchange Online standalone plans

Support only for 64-bit versions

(1) If you can't find the program after the installation, consult this KB article.
(2) If the program doesn't work after upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or 8.1, you need to reinstall it.


Version history

Date13 May 2024
Fixed:Previews of backed-up items were not displayed, and archiving these items to PST failed after Microsoft updated their FastTransfer stream binary format.
Fixed:The program sometimes failed to back up private Microsoft 365 groups if an admin account used to configure a connection to Microsoft 365 had no associated mailbox.
Fixed:Error management for Microsoft Graph API was enhanced to ensure reliable configuration of connections to Microsoft 365.
Fixed:Improved performance in handling public folders with extensive hierarchical structures.
Fixed:Optimized CPU and disk resource utilization in environments with a high number of backup storages.
Fixed:Minor bug fixes.
Date07 Sep 2022
New:Azure AD Graph API has been replaced with a more secure and resilient Microsoft Graph API, which is used to register CodeTwo Backup in Azure Active Directory.
New:Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher is now required for the program to work.
Fixed:Improved the storage retention process. The program no longer locks entire mailboxes or sites for the duration of the process.
Fixed:Improved handling of multi-threaded Exchange backup and restore jobs.
Fixed:In some rare cases, the listing of SharePoint sites would take a long time.
Fixed:The program would create an additional subfolder when restoring video files in SharePoint Asset Library.
Fixed:Minor UI improvements.
Date24 Feb 2022
Fixed:Improved handling of backup jobs containing SharePoint sites with a very extensive folder structure.
Fixed:Improved retention of offline archives and handling of folders blocked by other applications from being deleted.
Fixed:Improved handling of backing up of SharePoint sites that have been deleted on the source server.
Fixed:Fixed the "Active Directory is unavailable" error that might have occurred while backing up Office 365 (Microsoft 365) mailboxes.
Fixed:Fixed the "Value cannot be null" error that occurred in some rare cases when the program run out of licenses while backing up mailboxes.
Fixed:In some rare cases, changing the name of a folder on the source Exchange server would not change the name of the same folder in the backup storage.
Fixed:Unmapping a pair of objects in a SharePoint restore job would in some cases unmap a different pair of objects.
Fixed:In some scenarios, the continuous job report showed information from a period shorter than specified in the program’s Notification options.
Fixed:Minor UI improvements.
Fixed:Minor bugs fixed.
Date07 Dec 2021
Fixed:The public folders selection window in an Exchange backup job has been optimized for listing public folders with a very extensive folder structure.
Fixed:Improved handling of timeout and throttling notifications. It is now also possible to disable such notifications.
Fixed:It is now possible to use an Office 365 Germany account when configuring a connection to a global Office 365 (Microsoft 365) cloud by using the Manual registration option.
Fixed:The program failed to back up a subfolder of a mailbox during subsequent backup cycles if its parent folder was renamed in the meantime.
Fixed:In rare scenarios, the "There was an error in a part of the date format" error would occur when backing up mailbox folders.
Fixed:The program did not restore backed-up values of custom columns created for SharePoint library folders.
Fixed:In some cases, the program failed to back up an entire mailbox if at least one subfolder in that mailbox was corrupted on the source server.
Fixed:In some cases, the program failed to back up an entire SharePoint library if at least one folder in that library was corrupted on the source server.
Fixed:Minor bugs fixed.
Date21 Oct 2021
Fixed:The program failed to connect to Microsoft 365 (Office 365) using the automatic application registration option after Microsoft enforced the requirement for Azure AD applications to use the default scheme or verified domains in their ID URI.
Date11 May 2021
Fixed:It was possible to accidently block access to the classic OneDrive web view while creating a subsite of a OneDrive site directly in the program.
Fixed:Improved handling of alert log files. Alerts now have configurable retention times.
Fixed:It was not possible to restore mailboxes to their original location if their domain was different from that of an admin account used to configure a server connection in the program.
Fixed:The program was not able to locate non-archive mailboxes when restoring a version of a mailbox from a specific point in time.
Fixed:Backup jobs would be blocked for a long time when processing mailboxes to which a storage retention policy applies.
Fixed:Backing up mailboxes from a subdomain did not work properly.
Fixed:Items restored from the Recycle Bin on the server were still marked as Deleted in a local storage after they had been backed up again by the program.
Fixed:Minor UI improvements.
Fixed:Minor bugs fixed.
Date23 Nov 2020
Fixed:The program would fail to perform an incremental backup of SharePoint folders that were renamed or moved between sites or libraries.
Fixed:The program would fail to back up SharePoint sites that have restricted guest users permissions assigned.
Fixed:The mechanism allowing users to use Office 365 server connections created by other users has been improved. The program now correctly handles the case when the connection is reconfigured by manually registering the CodeTwo application in Azure AD and using the certificate thumbprint credential.
Fixed:The information about the type of mailboxes included in a backup job will now be updated during the next backup cycle if there were any changes to the assignment of Exchange Online licenses to these mailboxes.
Fixed:If a user attempted to reconfigure an Office 365 server connection by using the Automatic registration option but did not save the changes made, the server connection would no longer work.
Fixed:The restore of SharePoint web pages that use web parts no longer worked after the Microsoft technology used in the program became deprecated.
Fixed:The restore of SharePoint surveys to an on-premises environment has been improved.
Fixed:The program would fail to back up a SharePoint site if any user added to that site could not be identified.
Date10 Aug 2020

Support for OAuth 2.0 authorization:

  • the program uses OAuth 2.0 and the latest APIs to connect to and communicate with Exchange Online;
  • it is now necessary to register the program in Azure Active Directory of every Microsoft 365 (Office 365) tenant included in a backup or restore job. The program can perform the registration automatically (Microsoft 365 global admin account required), or you can choose to register the program yourself.
New:Backing up and restoring archive (in-place archive) mailboxes is now supported.
New:Mailboxes deleted from or disabled on a server are no longer automatically removed from a backup job. The program now notifies a user about such mailboxes and the user can decide whether to manually remove these mailboxes from the job.
New:Shared mailboxes no longer require licenses to be backed up.
New:Throttling is now handled more efficiently.
Fixed:The notification about the number of missing licenses that are needed to back up the selected SharePoint objects is now more precise.
Fixed:The program failed to back up Microsoft 365 (Office 365) group mailboxes if they were hidden from Outlook clients or Global Address List on the server side.
Fixed:The program would fail to perform an incremental backup of or to restore SharePoint lists consisting of over 20,000 items due to throttling.
Fixed:The program failed to back up a SharePoint site if its URL has been changed on the server side.
Fixed:If a SharePoint list or library consisted of many empty folders, the program failed to back up items from other folders.
Fixed:In some cases, if you had an empty mailbox backed up in your storage, this mailbox would fail to be migrated to a newer version of the program after an update.
Fixed:Minor UI improvements.
Fixed:Minor bugs fixed.
Date16 Sep 2019
New:Introduction of a new per-user licensing model where one user requires one license, regardless of whether you want to back up their mailbox or other resources they have access to. To back up shared resources such as public folders and SharePoint data, you need to assign licenses to each user who has access to and can modify the contents of a certain resource.
New:Backing up and restoring Office 365 group mailboxes is now supported.
Fixed:Memory usage optimization.
Date09 Jul 2019
New:The archiving of backed-up SharePoint and OneDrive for Business data is now supported.
New:The retention policy can now be applied to SharePoint and OneDrive for Business data.
New:You can now specify the frequency at which the older backed-up data is deleted from a storage due to the applied retention policy.
New:The program can now back up and restore OneNote notebooks residing in Office 365.
Fixed:SharePoint libraries consisting of over 5000 folders were not handled correctly by the program.
Fixed:On some occasions, the program would not archive backed-up mailboxes to PST correctly.
Fixed:Some SharePoint sites failed to be backed up because of the missing enum value in a client library installed together with the program.
Fixed:Other minor bug fixes.
Date08 Nov 2018
Fixed:Video files in SharePoint Asset Library were not restored properly.
Fixed:Some storage retention settings were missing after upgrading the program to version 2.x.
Fixed:Replies to Discussion Board items in SharePoint were not restored.
Fixed:Minor UI issues. 
Date25 Oct 2018
New:The program can now back up and restore SharePoint and OneDrive for Business data.
New:Introduction of a new licensing model. It is now possible to activate the program on multiple computers by using the same product license key.
New:Office 365 Germany is now supported for Exchange data.
Fixed:Listing of Public Folders has been optimized.
Fixed:Minor bugs related to handling Exchange data have been fixed.
Date11 Oct 2018
New:Support for the Transport Layer Security 1.2 (TLS 1.2) protocol.
Date01 Feb 2018
Fixed:Sometimes the CodeTwo Backup Service did not start automatically after a reboot of the machine.
Date29 Jan 2018
New:The backup and restore processes run now significantly faster and are more stable.
New:Multi-factor authentication is now supported.
New:The program is now capable of automatically recovering storage that became corrupted, for example, due to power failure.
Fixed:The file containing Bad news information was not handled optimally, which slowed down the program.
Fixed:It could take a long time for the program to synchronize a complex folder structure.
Date12 Oct 2017
New:Improved backup speed.
Fixed:Optimized previewing of backed up data.
Date01 Dec 2016
New:It is now possible to release licenses from unused mailboxes and reassign these licenses to any current mailboxes.
New:Support for a backup of public folders has been added.
Fixed:It was impossible to export some items to a PST file.
Fixed:UI improvements in the Time Filter step.
Date07 Jun 2016
Fixed:The program did not display any warnings when connection to Exchange was lost.
Fixed:Changes to the Backup Job Time Filter parameters were not applied for currently selected users.
Fixed:It was impossible to activate the program on systems older than Windows Server 2008 R2.
Fixed:Manually creating a folder inside Storage location caused Jobs working on this Storage to crash.
Fixed:It was possible to create Storage nested in another Storage.
Fixed:It was not possible to restore backups of mailboxes with long folders names or deeply nested mailbox folders structure.
Fixed:Mailboxes deleted on Exchange were not automatically excluded from existing Jobs.
Fixed:On some occasions Selecting all items in the Backups view did not work.
Fixed:Source mailboxes are now identified by their GUID instead of their SMTP address, which makes it possible to change their SMTP addresses during the backup process without losing a license assigned to them.
Fixed:On rare occasions jobs could not access the program settings, which stopped the backup process.
Fixed:It was not possible to use slash and backslash characters when providing a location path in the Storage configuration wizard.
New:UI improvements in the Jobs tab.
Date17 Dec 2015
Fixed:Jobs created in the previous version did not work after software update.
Date10 Dec 2015
New:The program now saves a current windows arrangement when it closes.
New:Sorting data in columns is now possible throughout program.
New:New icon indicating that a job will be started according to a schedule has been added.
New:It is now possible to edit job properties without stopping it.
Fixed:In specific environments the software failed to start and displayed "Assembly Microsoft.VC90.CRT" error.
Fixed:Backup job status window displayed excluded mailboxes instead of the actually backed up ones.
Fixed:Improved handling of manual stopping / starting the scheduled jobs.
Fixed:Good news were not generated for continuous jobs when these jobs were started manually.
Fixed:The program did not properly handle scenarios in which there was no free space left on HDD.
Fixed:Minor improvements and bug fixes.
Date22 Oct 2015
New:The program is now fully compatible with Exchange 2016 and Windows 10.
New:New features in the Dashboard tab: Good news (Notifications) and Bad news (Alerts).
New:Customizable email notifications for Good news.
New:Time filter is now based on the Start / End date instead of Modification date for items with time interval assigned (e.g. recurring events).
New:Enabling Retention now automatically starts Archive Job Wizard to prevent accidental data removal.
New:The backup tab now features a search box to allow mailboxes’ list filtering.
New:Restore jobs now restore last *existing* versions instead of the latest ones (which may be a deleted item).
New:Detailed licensing information is now available in Help, Licensing.
Fixed:Failed folder synchronization notification was missing the mailbox name.
Fixed:Emails attached to other emails could neither be opened/saved in the Backup preview window nor imported to a PST file.
Fixed:It was impossible to set email notifications to be sent less often than once per 100 minutes.
Fixed:There was no warning displayed that installation on 32bit systems is not supported.
Fixed:Optimization of the backup, restore and retention mechanisms.
Fixed:Minor bug fixes.
Date5 Aug 2015
New:Storage archiving feature. Now it is possible to archive storages to, e.g. flash or NAS drives, network folders, etc.
New:Retention policies for storages.
New:Archive to PST feature. Data from storages can now be archived to PST files.
New:Email alerts.
New:Dynamic lists of mailboxes in jobs. The program can now dynamically add or remove mailboxes from backup or restore jobs depending on their availability in Exchange.
Fixed:Minor bug fixes.
Date7 Apr 2015
New:It is now possible to enable password protection for your storages. If this feature is enabled, users need to provide password while viewing and restoring backups from particular storage.
New:Now users who try to use server connections created by other users of the program need to provide passwords to these connections. Passwords are required while attempting to select the connections in new backup jobs or while editing the existing backup jobs.
Fixed:Minor bug fixes.
Date2 Mar 2015
New:Final Release version.