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Software for Microsoft Outlook

CodeTwo Public Folders - share Outlook with others wherever you are

CodeTwo Public Folders will turn your Outlook into a teamwork tool. It will let you share Outlook contacts, email, calendars, tasks and even Office docs with other users in real time, and without the need to use expensive and complicated servers. CodeTwo Public Folders supports sharing personal folders and creating public folders in Outlook. The program lets users share their data in a local network or over the Internet, and work on it simultaneously. Unlike Cloud-based solutions, this program uses no external servers for data storage. It keeps your data safe and lets you create backups so you will never lose anything.

Try this app now and if you have any questions, our support team is available 24 hours a day.

CodeTwo Outlook Sync - sync Outlook between two PCs

CodeTwo Outlook Sync has been designed to let you synchronize Outlook folders between two computers. The program works in a local network and is especially useful in home or small business scenarios. You can use it to share Outlook between your two PCs (e.g. laptop and desktop), cooperate with your workmate, stay up-to-date with your family members, or to back up your Outlook to another computer.

The free version has no ads and no time limits.

CodeTwo Sync for iCloud - Sync Outlook folders with iCloud folders automatically

Sync Outlook folders with iCloud seamlessly; replicate your Outlook data to the Cloud. With CodeTwo Sync for iCloud the synchronization of Outlook folders with iCloud folders occurs automatically and in real-time. Owing to this, your Outlook contacts, calendars and tasks are synced with the iCloud folders tree in the background inside Outlook, without any user interaction. Therefore, they can be almost immediately accessible from your Apple® devices anywhere you are.

CodeTwo Email Signatures - Outlook, Google Apps, Office 365 and OWA signatures managed centrally

Control your corporate image, email policies and meet legal requirements with CodeTwo Email Signatures. The program makes it easy to compose email disclaimers and signatures, and centrally add them to specified messages sent by multiple users from Office 365, Google Apps, Microsoft Outlook 2013/2010/2007 (an older) and from Outlook Web App. Email footers are stamped when a user composes a message, and they are also visible in Sent items folders. The built-in template editor lets your users create signatures with Active Directory attributes making your company mail look standardized and personalized at the same time.

Free Tools

CodeTwo Outlook Reply All Reminder

CodeTwo Outlook Reply All Reminder saves you from embarrassing situations of skipping other recipients in the group message correspondence. Whenever you hit the Reply button, the application will alert you about other people included in the original e-mail giving you a choice between replying to one or all recipients concerned.

CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder

CodeTwo Outlook Attachment Reminder helps you avoid an awkward situation of sending messages without an attachment when you have just forgotten to add one. Based on a list of keywords, the program recognizes messages that are supposed to include attachments, so when you press the Send button before attaching appropriate files, the application reminds you of the missing attachments and you can still add them to your e-mail.

CodeTwo FolderSync Addin

CodeTwo FolderSync Addin is an Outlook add-in that enables synchronization of folders. The synchronization of data will always take place between selected folders and the user can choose several pairs of folders that need synchronizing.

CodeTwo Attach Unblocker

CodeTwo Attach Unblocker allows fast and convenient configuration of Microsoft Outlook to unblock attachments blocked by Outlook by default (for example, .exe, .url, .reg files). The settings are available in the property sheet in the Outlook options, which ensures the user quick and convenient editing.

CodeTwo CatMan

CodeTwo CatMan allows sharing of Outlook categories with other users on the local network and manage them in an easy way.

CodeTwo PST Ghostbuster

CodeTwo PST Ghostbuster is a free tool for removing duplicated PST files also known as "ghost files" from Outlook.

CodeTwo NetCalendars

CodeTwo NetCalendars enables multiple users to work jointly in shared calendars located on different computers in the local network or the Internet. The users can see and work on several calendars at one time displayed in one view. CodeTwo NetCalendars will let you share your personal Outlook calendar without Exchange Server.

CodeTwo Outlook Export

CodeTwo Outlook Export is an easy to use free tool for exporting data from Microsoft Outlook to CSV text files, which can later be imported into many different programs and systems. It is faster, easier to use and can export more data than the built-in export Outlook feature. It also gives you the ability of exporting user-defined fields from Outlook.

CodeTwo AutoLogon

Owing to CodeTwo AutoLogon, users don't have to fill in their credentials manually every time they access a given SharePoint site or Exchange mailbox. The program will fill and confirm those windows for them automatically.

CodeTwo Outlook AutoConfig

CodeTwo Outlook Autoconfig will let you create your email account in Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail just by providing your email address.

CodeTwo Move & Delete Watchdog

This app prevents you from unintentional moving or deleting folders in Microsoft Outlook, which is a pretty common action among Outlook users. If you want to navigate through folders but miss the scroll bar and drag-and-drop one onto another folder instead, the program will stop this action and ask what you want to do. The same happens before accidental folder removal. It's good to have someone who protects your Outlook folders.

CodeTwo Task Workflow

CodeTwo Task Workflow is an Outlook add-in, which adds new options to the task feature. It allows the user to manage tasks and projects in Outlook in an easy way thanks to a smart task pane. The program provides a complex task view, progress statistics and automatic email notifications concerning task changes. It's also compatible with Exchange Server or CodeTwo Public Folders to let you share tasks with others in real time and monitor their progress wherever you are.

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