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CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO - tons of rules for Exchange mail (more than Hub Transport offers)

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro is stocked with features Exchange admins really need. It lets you (or your marketing team) take control of the entire email flow without accessing Hub Transport rules and without any experience in Exchange rules management. Easily set up rules to automatically forward or respond to emails, strip and archive heavy attachments, rewrite senders' addresses, compose and add email disclaimers and signatures centrally on Exchange 2010 / 2007 and much more. It's way easier than Hub Transport rules wizard, and yet it gives much more options.

Need more info or step-by-step instructions? Ask our support team for help.

CodeTwo Out of Office Manager - Centrally manage users' Automatic Replies on Exchange or Office 365

Create, view end edit users’ auto-replies from one place. The program will let you centrally manage out of office messages sent via Exchange Server or Office 365. The tool displays all out of office items in a clear calendar view where they can be easily administered. Thanks to CodeTwo Out of Office Manager even a non-technical employee, e.g. a secretary or HR assistant, will be able to set out of office messages for multiple users directly from his or her workstation. With CodeTwo Out of Office Manager setting auto-replies in your organization is just as simple, as entering appointments in your personal calendar!

CodeTwo Exchange Migration - Seamless Exchange cross-domain and cross-forest migrations

Easily perform cross-domain and cross-forest migrations between two different versions of Exchange Server. This easy-to-use Exchange migration tool will let you seamlessly move your users to another Exchange organization. The program is extremely useful while upgrading your mail servers to Exchange 2010 or 2013. Thanks to CodeTwo Exchange Migration you can perform direct migrations between older and newer versions of Exchange, e.g. Exchange 2003 or 2007, without upgrading your existing installations.

CodeTwo Office 365 Migration - Easily migrate from Exchange Server to Office 365

Move your Exchange Server organization to the Cloud with CodeTwo Office 365 Migration. With this powerful migration tool you will finally be able to seamlessly migrate from Exchange Server to Office 365. CodeTwo Office 365 Migration supports migrations from Exchange from 2003, 2007 and 2010. There’s no need to pre-configure, or pre-install any additional services or tools in your existing Active Directory domain. The program will move your users’ mailboxes directly to the Cloud. It also offers convenient status reports and log file verification for all migrated items. Try it for free!

CodeTwo Exchange Sync - create Exchange group calendars, contacts or sync Public Folders with mobile phones

CodeTwo Exchange Sync will let you create company Exchange group folders. It's also perfect for syncing smartphones (Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Mobile) with Public Folders on Exchange. By creating automatic server synchronization tasks you can synchronize your Microsoft Exchange calendars, contacts, tasks, email - you name it. Install the program now and see how easy it is.

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CodeTwo Exchange Rules - easily add signatures, disclaimers or marketing banners to email on Exchange 2013/2010/2007/2003

CodeTwo Exchange Rules is a very simple to use (yet very advanced) application that will let you create Exchange rules, which automatically add email signatures, disclaimers, graphics and employees' pictures to selected mail on Microsoft Exchange. The built-in email signature editor and rules wizard make the program very straightforward so that anyone can use it. It also provides more features than Hub Transport signatures.

Try the program now or ask our support team for a quick preview.

CodeTwo Exchange Folders - Synchronize Exchange™ Personal and Public Folders with a mobile phone

The easiest and most efficient way to sync data from Exchange Server personal and public folders to Android devices. The program solves one of the biggest mysteries of Exchange Server administration of all time – how to let mobile users access all Exchange personal and public folders. With this smart tool users will finally get to access any contacts, calendar or tasks folders directly from Android. The program consists of two components: the server administration application and mobile apps available in Google Play Store. Apps for iPad and iPhone are tipped to land soon!

Test the app for free and see how it works! Any questions? Our Support Team is ready to serve you 24 hour a day, 5 days a week. Contact us here.

CodeTwo Active Directory Photos - probably the best Active Directory photo manager – and it's free!

Active Directory Photos is a free application for importing users' photographs to Active Directory and managing them in an easy way. The program allows you to easily manage even thousands of photos stored in thumbnailPhoto attributes without any knowledge of Active Directory or Shell commands. Uploading users' pictures to Active Directory will display them in Outlook 2010 messages, in Lync 2010 contacts, in Sharepoint 2010, and it will also allow you to automatically add them to Exchange email signatures.

Get the program now. It's free and it won't nag you with any ads.

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