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CodeTwo Public Folders

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CodeTwo Public Folders


In order to use the full version of the program, you need to purchase at least the Base Package, which consists of three 3 Client Apps (CALs – Client Access Licenses) and one Syncing Master that allow you to share data in a local network (e.g. in your office network). There is always just one Syncing Master in your network no matter how many licenses you decide to purchase. If you already own the Base Package and want to use the application for more computers, you need to purchase additional licenses.

Optionally, along with the Base Package you can purchase a 1-year Internet access to share data over the Internet (e.g. between your office, your users in their home networks and mobile devices anywhere your users are) and a 3-month Support contract provided via email. 

Take a look at the pricing below to learn more.

New license prices

Show prices in:
Base Package Price 1 year Internet access price (optional) 3 month Support contract price (optional)
1 Syncing Master and 3 CALs $ 160 $ 48 $ 32
Additional Client Access Licenses (CALs) Price per license Price per license Price per license
1-4 Client Access License(s) $ 40.00 $ 12.00 $ 8.00
5-19 Client Access Licenses $ 37.00 $ 11.00 $ 7.50
20-39 Client Access Licenses $ 35.00 $ 10.50 $ 7.00
40-59 Client Access Licenses $ 33.00 $ 10.00 $ 6.50
60 and up $ 28.00 $ 8.50 $ 5.50

If you want to calculate the price of your package, go the order form or contact CodeTwo Customer Service directly.

Upgrade prices

The chart below shows prices for upgrading to CodeTwo Public Folders 5.x from its previous version (4.x).

Show prices in:
Base Package Price
1 Syncing Master and 3 CALs $ 64
Additional Client Access Licenses (CALs) Price per license
1-4 Client Access License(s) $ 16.00
5-19 Client Access Licenses $ 15.00
20-39 Client Access Licenses $ 14.00
40-59 Client Access Licenses $ 13.00
60 and up $ 11.50

While purchasing an upgrade, it is not possible to order it together with the Internet access, which allows sharing Outlook data and files over the Internet. If you need to enable the Internet Access, first upgrade the program to the latest version and then order the Internet Access.

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