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CodeTwo Public Folders


In order to use the full version of the program, you need to purchase at least the Base Package, which consists of three Client Apps (CALs – Client Access Licenses) and one Syncing Master. If you already own the Base Package and want to use the application for more computers, you need to purchase additional licenses. See the charts below to learn the price for your installation. Click the Buy button to order new or additional licenses.

New license

The license for the base package and LAN synchronization is perpetual – the price is one-off. The Internet synchronization service is optional and can be purchased separately – it also needs to be renewed annually. The product is delivered electronically; a BOX version is not available. There are no shipment costs. Detailed information on licensing terms can be found here.

Show prices in:
Base Package Price
1 Syncing Master and 3 CALs $ 160
Additional Client Access Licenses (CALs) Price per license
1-4 Client Access License(s) $ 40
5-19 Client Access Licenses $ 37
20-39 Client Access Licenses $ 35
40-59 Client Access Licenses $ 33
60 and up $ 28

Please calculate your price using the first two steps of the order form or contact CodeTwo Customer Service directly.

Note! The price of the Internet synchronization service is not included in the above chart. To find out how much it would cost for your CodeTwo Public Folders package reffer to the table below or check it in the order form.

Internet access price

Show prices in:
Base Package Annual Price
1 Syncing Master and 3 CALs $ 48
Additional Client Licenses (CALs) Annual price per license
1 - 4 $ 12
5 - 19 $ 11
20 - 39 $ 10.5
40 - 59 $ 10
60 and up $ 8.5

Please calculate your price using the first two steps of the order form or contact CodeTwo Customer Service directly.

Note! If you want to synchronize your Outlook items over the Internet, you have to buy Internet access licenses for all your CodeTwo Public Folders users. 


Grace period. The users who purchased CodeTwo Public Folders 4.x within 3 months before the release of version 5.0 (that is between June 14 2012 and September 13 2012), can upgrade at no additional charge. If you are eligible for a free upgrade, contact Customer Support to claim it.

The chart below shows prices for upgrading to CodeTwo Public Folders 5.x from its previous version (4.x), divided according to the number of users.

Show prices in:
Base Package Price
1 Syncing Master and 3 CALs $ 64
Additional Client Access Licenses (CALs) Price per license
1-4 Client Access License(s) $ 16
5-19 Client Access Licenses $ 15
20-39 Client Access Licenses $ 14
40-59 Client Access Licenses $ 13
60 and up $ 11.5

While purchasing an upgrade, it is not possible to order it together with the Forwarding Service, which allows sharing Outlook data and files over the Internet. If you need to enable Internet sharing, first upgrade the program to the latest version and then order the Forwarding Service.

Technical Support

The price of the program includes a support contract giving you full technical support provided by our specialists who will be glad to answer all questions concerning our software, and will assist in solving any technical issues. The support contract comprises of the following:

  • 3-month technical support provided by email, phone, live chat.
  • A guarantee we will contact you within 24 hours since receiving your question – during the time of a support contract.
  • Free updates and fixes for your program.
  • If you purchase a technical support contract together with the product, you get a 3-month guarantee of free software upgrades. If, within 3 months of this purchase, we release a new upgrade of the product, you will get it for free. What is the difference between an update and an upgrade?
  • Technical staff invariability. A given support case will always be conducted by the same specialist (unless he/she is out of office).
  • Access to online technical documents.

More about technical support

Ordering Details and Refund Policy

You can pay for the software by Credit Card, Wire Transfer, Check or send us a Purchase Order. Credit card payments are handled by PayPal (payment processor) and you do not need a PayPal account to use it.

To place the order go to the order form, provide the license type, billing details and click the appropriate button according to the payment type of your choice.

Once we receive the payment, you will be sent an e-mail with a License Key and an invoice. The key will allow you to upgrade the trial version of the program to the full version. More about the activation to full version...

If you would like to buy via Purchase Order, please send an email to containing the PO in pdf or fax it to + 48 75 646 1003. Once we receive the PO, we will send you the License Key and an invoice.

The product is delivered electronically. There is no BOX edition available.

CodeTwo has a refund program. This means you can get your money back during the 30 day period without giving any reasons. Read more on refund terms in Terms and Conditions of Sales.

To ask questions concerning placing an order or if you wish to track your order status, send an e-mail to:

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