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CodeTwo Exchange Sync 2.4.3 released


CodeTwo Exchange SyncWe have just published an update to CodeTwo Exchange Sync. The program is now available for download in version 2.4.3. The current release includes a number of bug fixes reported recently by users. For full list of changes, please check the version history.

We recommend that you update your current installations to the current version. Read how to update…

Download CodeTwo Exchange Sync 2.4.3

What is CodeTwo Exchange Sync?

CodeTwo Exchange Sync is an easy-to-use Exchange Server addin that adds a wide range of online collaboration features to it. Most importantly, it enables automatic and real time synchronization of Exchange Server folders in various scenarios. The synchronization can occur in many different ways, e.g. in one-to-many, many-to-many or many-to-one modes. Thanks to the additional features CodeTwo Exchange Sync offers, selected items can be filtered and modified on the fly. CodeTwo Exchange Sync fills the gaps in Exchange Server data synchronization capabilities and can improve the overall productivity of your team by adding completely new collaboration possibilities. It also can help you to solve a common problem of accessing public folders from mobile devices via Exchange ActiveSync.

Learn more about CodeTwo Exchange Sync

Update to CodeTwo migration tools – Google migration no longer beta!


CodeTwo migration tools updatedWe have just put out updates to our migration tools for Exchange Server and Office 365. CodeTwo Exchange Migration and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration are now available for download in version 1.5. The latest versions contain several bug fixes and improvements we have been working on for the past few weeks. Additionally, starting from this version, migration from Google Apps, both to Exchange and Office 365, is no longer a beta feature.

Migration from Google Apps to Exchange/Office 365 no longer beta

Back in August 2013 we launched a new feature that allowed users to migrate from Google Apps to Exchange or Office 365. However, for the past few months this option was officially in beta stage. During this period we worked together with our customers to eliminate as many limitations as possible and to resolve the issues they were having. Today we are ready to announce that all major problems with Google migration have been fixed. If you would like to migrate from Google Apps to Office 365, or move your Google-based mailboxes to Exchange Server installed on-site, our migration tools are ready to serve you!

Continue reading ‘Update to CodeTwo migration tools – Google migration no longer beta!’

UPDATE: Exchange Server 2013 SP1 Transport Service issues with CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013/PRO


Our developers have just found a solution to the problem with transport agent failures caused by Exchange Server 2013 SP1 update further described in this post. Microsoft is currently working on an official fix, but if you need a workaround right now, you can resort to instructions from our KB article.

The problem stems from improper formatting of assembly redirection policy files, which makes them unrecognized as valid XML files. Removing one invalid comment line from two config files located in the GAC folder fixes the problem.

Please note that we strongly recommend that you back up these config files before you make any changes.

Let us know in the comments or contact us directly if you have any questions.

EDIT: Microsoft has just officially confirmed that the issue is caused by SP1:

Getting ready for MEC 2014


No more than 30 days from now the CodeTwo team will be crossing the Big Pond to take part in the Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) 2014 – the world’s number one event for all things Exchange Server and Office 365 related.

This year MEC will be held in Austin, Texas between March 31st and April 2nd. We will be there the whole 3 days, talking to developers, Exchange admins and IT experts, presenting our newest solutions for Exchange and of course… giving away free t-shirts!

Microsoft Exchange Conference (MEC) 2014

So, if you’re in Texas around the end of March, make sure to drive up to Austin and meet us at MEC 2014, booth 506. See you there!

Exchange Server 2013 SP1 Transport Service issues with CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013/PRO


Note that this applies only to CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 or CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO installed on Exchange 2013.

Please be advised that installing the Service Pack 1 update on Exchange 2013 has been reported to cause transport agent failures (for more information see this TechNet thread). It has been just confirmed that upgrading to SP1 with CodeTwo software being installed may stop the Exchange Transport Service on a given server.

Due to the above, we recommend putting off the installation of SP1 until the problem is resolved. Chances are that Microsoft will release an update that fixes the issue in a few days. Nonetheless, we are currently working on our own fix that should be available soon. Please check back on our blog for future updates – we will post an update as soon as we know more about the issue.

If you have any questions, please contact our Support Team directly. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

For more information, please consult this article:

UPDATE: The workaround is now available here:

CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO and CodeTwo Exchange Rules Family Update Release


Update of CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO and CodeTwo Exchange FamilyWe have just released an update of CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO and CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013, 2010 and 2007. The latest version of the application solves the problem with adding disclaimers to emails sent from OWA after updating Internet Explorer to version 11, resulting from the new browser file format MSHTML11 .

We recommend that all users of CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO, CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013, 2010 and 2007 download the update and re-install the program on their servers. To install the update, please download the latest version of software from our website and launch it on the server. The old version of the program will be replaced with the new one and all previous settings will remain unchanged.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our Technical Support Team – we are available 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday.

Download CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO
Download CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 1.4.5
Download CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 2.4.5
Download CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 3.4.5
Learn more about updating CodeTwo software
Contact our Technical Support

Share Outlook emails and improve customer service in your company


CodeTwo Public FoldersSmall and medium-sized companies (including those located in one room) may need to share emails to enhance their customer service, relations with suppliers or just to improve an e-mail operating channel which is used by several people at once. It might seem that the only option in such case would be to maintain a server or upload data to the Cloud. However, CodeTwo found a solution how to share Outlook emails without Exchange or Cloud-based services. It is called CodeTwo Public Folders.

This software allows you to create public inboxes in Outlook that are synchronized with other inboxes, without the need to disclose any credentials to others or manually forward messages. It’s a perfect solution when it comes e.g. to distributing customer service messages between employees. Continue reading ‘Share Outlook emails and improve customer service in your company’

Exchange 2013 migration guide and checklist – free PDF download


We know exactly how difficult it can be to perform complete migration in an Exchange-to-Exchange scenario. Things get even more complicated when the source and destination servers are located in separate forests, or when it comes to migrating from Exchange 2003 directly to Exchange 2013.  Having all these difficulties in mind, we developed and launched our Exchange Server migration tool back in May 2013. Our goal was to deliver software that can be helpful for an administrator performing Exchange Server migration. What we came up with is a migration tool that allows for quick and hassle-free mailbox migration between Exchange Server forests. It also comes in handy during intra-organizational migrations of users’ mailboxes and while migrating from Google Apps to Exchange.

Download free migration guide

Exchange 2013 migration guide coverMigrating Exchange Server isn’t just about moving/copying mailbox data. Especially when upgrading to Exchange 2013, an administrator has to take care of many other things, like hardware setup, server infrastructure design, new Exchange Server installation and configuration and so forth. Bearing all that in mind, our Exchange Server specialists teamed up with Konrad Sagala (Microsoft Exchange Server MVP) to create a PDF migration guide covering all the difficult aspects of upgrading to Exchange 2013. Our goal was to give you as much useful information as possible about migration planning and making a smooth transition to Exchange 2013. Did we succeed? Find out yourself!
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Share Outlook contacts and create a common address book


Many offices in small and medium companies are really struggling how to share Outlook contacts between multiple users without using various server or Cloud solutions. One of  Outlook limitations is that the Personal Folders .pst file cannot be accessed at the same time by multiple users, e.g. if few team members want to look at the same Personal Address Book they won’t be able to. CodeTwo Public Folders is a perfect solution when it comes to sharing Outlook contacts, creating customer databases or setting up address books. All this, without the need to purchase Microsoft Exchange Server or use any Cloud sharing services. Continue reading ‘Share Outlook contacts and create a common address book’

How to make Exchange public folders accessible from your iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone


Many companies rely on Microsoft Exchange Server’s public folders to store shared data, archive documents and collaborate on projects. At the same time, the native capabilities of Exchange Server do not allow users to view Exchange public folders on mobile devices. This wouldn’t be a major issue, if not for the fact that smartphones, tablets and other handhelds are gradually replacing laptops and desktops as primary workplace devices.

How to sync mobile devices with public Exchange folders

Luckily, CodeTwo has a solution: CodeTwo Exchange Sync. An application which allows you to automatically synchronize Exchange public folders with users’ personal mailboxes, making the public data instantly available on users’ mobile phones. Owing to this, Exchange tasks, contacts, calendars, and other outlook items, can be viewed and modified via devices running on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, or any other system supporting Active Sync protocol. Continue reading ‘How to make Exchange public folders accessible from your iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Phone’

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