How can marketing department manage email signatures in Exchange environment?

Taking into account the fact that email signatures are an important part of any business visual identity, it seems to be crucial to prepare them in a professional way. Perhaps in most organizations, email signatures are managed by administrators as only they have appropriate rights to provide any changes on the server e.g. setting up transport rules. However, what if they prefer to delegate this part of their duties to someone else, namely a marketing representative?

Stop sign
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CodeTwo Sync for iCloud 1.3.3 update release

CodeTCodeTwo Sync for iCloud 1.3.3 updatewo Sync for iCloud synchronizes Outlook calendars, contacts and tasks with iCloud folders, its new version has just been released!

The recent 1.3.3 update overhauls the issue of constant replication of meeting requests that were received from external contacts in synchronized calendars. Moreover, it solves the problem of using of temporary license key which may have caused the software to display wrong number of days until the trial expiration date.

All CodeTwo Sync for iCloud users are recommended to download and install the newest update. It is free of charge for all license owners. In order to download the latest release, please follow the link provided. Users who are eager to obtain a new license, please visit our website and check our price.

Download CodeTwo Sync for iCloud 1.3.3
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Archive Exchange & Office 365 mailboxes to PST – CodeTwo Backup updated!

We are excited to announce that three long-awaited features have been added along with the newest versions of our backup tools CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 and CodeTwo Backup for Exchange. Starting from this version, it is possible to:

  • archive mailbox data kept in local storages (also to .pst files)
  • set up a retention policy for items in storages
  • enable email alerts sent by the program

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How to backup Office 365 mail to local drive?

Have you ever considered creating a backup copy of all your important Office 365 emails and storing them locally? Perhaps you have already thought of a native backup solution that would help you to keep your emails somewhere safe and, if necessary, to restore them at any time. Everyone who is concerned about fulfilling legal requirements related to electronic record retention, keeping important data in multiple backup copies, or simply not being interested in paying for inactive Office 365 accounts knows the challenges here.

Backup from Office 365 to your local storage

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Conversational Office 365 Migrations by J. Peter Bruzzese – download free PDF

If you are a Microsoft Exchange administrator, there’s a 99% chance you’ve at least once already asked yourself the eternal question: should I move to Office 365 or stay with Exchange on-premises?

Because Office 365 is all the rage lately, looking for the answer on IT forums and expert blogs has probably turned up a lot of opinions in favor of The Cloud. This, of course, is to be expected, given that Microsoft has been putting an enormous effort into promoting their online mail platform. But there is a downside to Redmond’s publicity push. Namely, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for users to tell the facts from the marketing jargon.


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CodeTwo Exchange Rules adds Office 365 hybrid compatibility

Update CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO & CodeTwo Exchange FamilyOur email signature management tools for Microsoft Exchange, the family of CodeTwo Exchange Rules and CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro products, have just been equipped with a feature that admins of hybrid environments (Office 365 with Exchange on-premises) will find very helpful.

Starting with the latest release, CodeTwo Exchange Rules programs can be easily deployed in hybrids environments with the centralized mail transport option enabled. In this configuration, CodeTwo Exchange Rules can automatically process any mail traveling through your on-premises Exchange. Thanks to a new setting in the CodeTwo Exchange Rules’ Sent Items Update service, all of those emails can also be updated in users’ Sent Items folders to feature the added email signatures.

To get details on changes and fixes included in this and previous releases go to the version history of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro, 2013, 2010 and 2007.

To update your deployment of CodeTwo Exchange Rules to the latest version, download the installer for you program using one of the below links, and run it on top of all CodeTwo Exchange Rules installations in your organization.

You are eligible for a free update to this version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules, if the first digit of the version you are licensed for matches the first digit of the respective version linked below.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro ver. 2.4.0
CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 ver. 2.4.0
CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 ver. 3.4.0
CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 ver. 4.4.0

In case of any questions, contact us. We are open 24h, Monday through Friday!

CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365: beta program starts now!

Up until now Office 365 admins who wanted to centrally manage email signatures in their organization had 2 choices: use Exchange Online mail flow rules, or spring for a 3rd party application.

However, while both solutions had their advantages, they also had major flaws – no 3rd party application fully supported mobile phones and non-Outlook/OWA clients, or could process emails based on multi-level conditions; Exchange mail flow rules, on the other hand, couldn’t insert signatures directly under the latest reply/forward and didn’t allow for using embedded images.

We thought that Office 365 admins deserved a way out of this conundrum. That’s why we’ve developed CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 – a Cloud-based Office 365 email signature management service which:

  • is centrally managed;
  • supports all types of standalone, web and mobile email clients;
  • can insert signatures directly under the latest email in a thread;
  • can embed images in email signatures;
  • allows for configuring detailed email processing scenarios;
  • sports a WYSIWYG HTML editor;
  • automatically integrates with your Office 365 organization (no manual send connector setup!)

How it works?

CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 uses the Office 365 email relaying mechanism to route emails outside of your organization, then it processes them and returns them to your Office 365 tenant. Keep in mind that, because our software uses Microsoft Azure infrastructure, your mail does not leave Microsoft servers when it is being stamped with signatures. After an email is returned to your tenant, Office 365 picks up where it left off and sends it to its intended destination.

The below diagram illustrates the whole process:


Beta program

Before we release CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365, we want to put our new product to the ultimate test – the user.

To become a CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 beta tester, sign up via this site. We will soon send you an email with instructions on how to start your trial and report your findings.

By taking part in the CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 beta program you not only get the chance to shape the software, but you can also earn significant discounts or even land a free subscription!

Sign up for the CodeTwo Email Signatures beta program

WEBINAR: How to avoid messaging performance issues and data loss in a hybrid Exchange environment

By the end of 2016, a majority of enterprise mailboxes will be Cloud-based. However, organizations are still hesitant to go all-in the Cloud and many will opt for the hybrid solution, which entails keeping part of the services and mailboxes on-premises. While this already poses a number of challenges for IT administrators, they now also have to accommodate the modern user, who is working from a larger number of different locations and on more platforms than ever before.


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Updates to CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013, 2010, 2007 and Pro released!

We have just released updates to 3 applications from our CodeTwo Exchange Rules product family and CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro. The current release brings a number of fixes and significant improvements to our email signatures and disclaimiers management software for Exchange Server. The most important changes include: the brand new HTML template editor engine and the new Social link functionality. Our developers also took care of some minor bugs users have reported recently.

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Update to migration tools: new reporting features added

It’s been exactly two years since the first release of CodeTwo Exchange Migration and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration, our twin solutions for Exchange-to-Exchange and  Exchange-to-Office 365 migrations. Those two products have come a long way since they premiere, gaining: better performance, improved stability and new important features. Today marks the next milestone in the development process. With the release of version 1.10.0 we are introducing advanced email migration reports in both our migration tools.

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