How to sync Outlook folders with iCloud folders for free?

Perhaps you have already delved into the Internet in search of a synchronization tool that could save you time and effort of keeping your iCloud data up-to-date in Outlook. Here comes the good news, you can breathe a sigh of relief as you have just found the right application. CodeTwo Sync for iCloud will help you automatically synchronize your Microsoft Outlook calendars, contacts and tasks with the corresponding iCloud folders.

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Attention! Leap Year Warning!

Leap Year Warning

Attention users of CodeTwo products for Office 365:

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Using Google Analytics to track email signature marketing campaigns – part 1 (UTM tags)

When you first think of email marketing, newsletters and marketing automation are probably the first ideas that come to your mind. What marketers often forget, is that these two pretty obvious associations are not the only options here. Another great way of promoting your products and brand by email, are certainly centrally managed email signatures. Since email footers can contain branding and marketing banners, taking full control of what is stamped in employees’ signatures is a marketing opportunity no company should miss.

Wise marketers, however, not only run marketing campaigns, but also collect proper web analytics data to judge how their campaigns perform. This is usually the key to adjusting the marketing efforts and making them more effective in the future. In this article, I will show you how to use Google Analytics (currently the most widely used web analytics platform) for tracking your email signature marketing campaigns. I will use CodeTwo Exchange Rules for creating a company-wide email signature on Exchange Server and Google custom campaign parameters, for tagging the links used in it. I will also show you how to access the statistical information collected by means of the URL tags in the Google Analytics interface. Let’s cut to the chase then!

Tracking email signature campaigns with Analytics

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Top 5 practical tools for Exchange Server from CodeTwo to make admin’s life easier

Microsoft Exchange Server is a tremendously powerful platform that offers many useful native tools to help administrators deal with their everyday challenges. However, despite of the wide range of instruments facilitating their work with the Exchange Server, it still leaves the field clear for improvement that can be handled by third party tools – that is why CodeTwo developed programs that aim at making admin’s life even easier.

CodeTwo programs complement Exchange Server functionalities mainly in such areas as email signatures management, mailbox migration across different Exchange versions (or to Office 365) and backup solutions, which help keeping user’s mailbox data safe on local drives. All the programs can be easily administrated via handy editors and administration panels with clear and transparent UIs eliminating the need for PowerShell scripting.

Let’s see the best tools for Exchange server provided by CodeTwo that ease the admin’s life.

Find out which CodeTwo tools are the best for the Exchange server.

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Mailbox backup options across available Office 365 plans

This post was published on May 17, 2013 and updated on January 7, 2016.

Moving to the Cloud environment is no longer sci-fi – it is a reality. When more and more companies are transferring to Office 365, more administrators are asking the question “Are we safe there? Do we still need to do a backup of our critical data?” Others do not even bother asking, trusting that globally dispersed Microsoft datacenters are ensuring full safety of company’s data.

In the following blog post, I’ll try to answer these questions and check the native data backup and preservation options available in MS Office 365 plans.

It may appear a bit surprising but there is no backup option available in Office 365 in the traditional sense of the word – not in the form administrators could remember from the on-premises environments. Microsoft concluded that since all information is stored in their datacenters, which provide super-safe environment, there is no need for such a functionality. Period.

On the other hand, MS is not a charity organization and storage room on their servers comes with a price, and the price changes across different Office 365 plans.

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CodeTwo Backup for Exchange and CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 have been updated to version 1.4!

CodeTwo backup softwareWith the latest version 1.4 we have prepared a bundle of new functionalities and fixes to our backup software which deals with easily customizable granular and incremental local backup operations of mailboxes on on-premises Exchange and Office 365 platforms.

In the newest versions of CodeTwo Backup for Exchange and CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 we have focused on further UI developments, users will discover the following improvements:

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CodeTwo Exchange Migration and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration – introducing Jobs and new UI – Versions 2.0 out now!

CodeTwo migration softwareWith the newest versions 2.0 of CodeTwo migration software we have much more to expect as both products have undergone major improvements. Now we can experience better management of performed migrations which are now displayed as Jobs and it is all set in a new UI. CodeTwo Exchange Migration and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration will prove more invaluable than before in performing your migrations from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2016 or from on-premises Exchange servers to Office 365 organizations.

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Email signature manager for Exchange 2016: Out Now!

We are happy to announce the release of CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2016 – the latest addition to our family of acclaimed CodeTwo Exchange Rules email signature and disclaimer management products for Microsoft Exchange Server.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules - Central management of email signatures on MS Exchange

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Updates for CodeTwo Public Folders, CodeTwo Outlook Sync and CodeTwo Sync for iCloud – Outlook 2016 support

We have released updates to our three prominent programs for Outlook synchronization. CodeTwo Public Folders and CodeTwo Outlook Sync have been upgraded to the new versions that fully support Outlook 2016 from now on and bring in some fixes and programmatic changes. CodeTwo Sync for iCloud has also been prepared to support Outlook 2016, but in order to gain full support it still needs Apple iCloud for Windows to be updated and work with Outlook 2016.

Public FoldersCodeTwo Public Folders enables to share Outlook items and Windows files among computers and mobile devices. The latest 5.4.4 version supports Outlook 2016, however, Syncing Master cannot be installed on a computer with Outlook 2016. Apart from multiple programmatic improvements, the newest version introduces some cosmetic changes in error messages.

Outlook SyncCodeTwo Outlook Sync that synchronizes Outlook items between two computers, has been upgraded to the version 1.0.17, and thanks to programmatic changes it supports now Outlook 2016. There has also been slight changes to program’s displayed messages.

CodeTwo Sync for iCloudCodeTwo Sync for iCloud, our dedicated software responsible for synchronizing Outlook items with iCloud folders, has been updated to the version 1.3.4. After fixing the program’s installer, it recognizes Outlook 2016, however, the program won’t fully support it unless Apple iCloud for Windows supports Outlook 2016. We are still awaiting Apple to update its software.

For a full list of changes please visit a dedicated version history page for CodeTwo Public Folders, CodeTwo Outlook Sync and CodeTwo Sync for iCloud.

Updates are free of charge for all license holders for CodeTwo Outlook Sync and CodeTwo Sync for iCloud. For CodeTwo Public Folders it is free only if the first digit of the owned version number matches the first digit number of the current version of the program.

In case you need our support feel free to contact us – we are available 24 hours from Monday to Friday.

UPDATE (Dec 10 2015): We are happy to announce that Apple has just released a new version of iCloud for Windows which supports Outlook 2016, this enables full compatibility of CodeTwo Sync for iCloud with Outlook 2016!

25 (+1) Exchange Server experts to follow

You probably know a few of them from Ignite or IT/DevConnections. Two or three others tend to pop up in popular Linkedin and Facebook groups. Articles by several more come up when you type an Exchange-related query in Google. And the rest – maybe you’ve never even heard of them…

Whatever the case, I present to you, 25 (+1) Exchange Server experts worth following (in semi-random order).

25+1 Microsoft Exchange Experts

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