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CodeTwo Out of Office Manager 1.3 released


CodeTwo Out of Office ManagerWe have just released an update to CodeTwo Out of Office Manager. Version 1.3 includes two new features and several fixes of bugs users reported recently. If you already own a license for the program, get the latest version now! It’s free of charge for all licensed users.

What’s new?

Starting from this version, you can now preview the Out of Office message template together with the given user’s actual Active Directory data. If the auto-reply template contains dynamic fields, they will be now filled with the given user real AD attribute values in the preview window.

The second change is related to program’s recurrence editor. It is now possible to set the duration of recurring items in minutes, hours and days.

For full list of changes, please go to the official release notes.

How to update?

To update the program simply download the latest version from CodeTwo website and install it on top of the existing installation. All your licensing data and program’s settings will remain unchanged.

Download CodeTwo Out of Office Manager 1.3.0

About the program

CodeTwo Out of Office Manager is a handy Exchange Server and Office 365 extension letting system administrators, or any other designated persons to centrally manage users’ Out of Office replies. Thanks to this solution it is possible to set, edit and remove other users’ Out of Office messages without logging in to their accounts. The program can be installed on any machine that has a connection to the given Windows or Office 365 domain. It can be the administrator’s PC, but also any other computer, e.g. in backoffice or HR departments.

Learn more about CodeTwo Out of Office Manager

16 automatic email actions Exchange Server lacks (or that could work differently) – part 2


In the first part of this post, you’ve become familiar with the first 8 email actions available in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro, which is an advanced Exchange Server extension for automatic mail flow management. We’ve covered several important aspects of email administration, such as: attachment control, advanced server-sided autoresponders, message forwarding and blocking options, as well as some DLP features.

This time we will focus on other electronic communication aspects that can be handled by means of email actions, that is: email branding (server-sided email signatures and disclaimers), message modification and further DLP options (dictionaries of phrases and removing sensitive keywords).

There’s one more thing that needs to be stressed though. Most of the below mentioned actions are also present in Exchange Server standard functionalities, but they lack some important options from the administrator’s point of view. We’ll try to point out the main differences between the native Exchange capabilities and CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro features.

Let’s get down to business then!

Automatic email actions on Exchange Server


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Managing email flow, content and signatures on Exchange via custom applications


CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro - APIUp until now CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro allowed users, sitting at any machine connected to the Internet, to make authorized adjustments to the way emails are handled when they fly through their servers. That’s already more than what Exchange Server offers natively (full access to whole server necessary to modify any aspect of mail flow or Hub Transport rules), but we thought it could still use some more “oomph!”.

That’s how CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro API came about.

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16 automatic email actions Exchange Server lacks – part 1


There are many great features Exchange Server comes with out of the box. Transport rules (mail flow rules in Exchange 2013) are a great example. They provide the administrators with a lot of useful options that they potentially may need during their work. They also help them keep the company mail in compliance with internal policies and general law regulations.

Over the past releases of new versions of Exchange Server automatic email rules evolved. A lot has changed and new options had been added constantly. While Exchange 2013 with its mail flow rules and compliance management options introduced a completely new approach, clearly some things are still missing or could work in a slightly different way. That’s where the idea of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro emerged from. The program was designed to fulfil admins’ wishes by filling some of the gaps in standard Exchange email rules and adding new possibilities as far as automatic mail flow management is concerned.

Let’s take a look at the first part of automatic email actions available in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro and find out how they can be used in real life scenarios.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro

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Law vs. email disclaimers: overview of existing international legislation


Legislators all around the globe are gradually shifting their focus from analog to digital means of communication. One of the effects: a growing number of laws concerned with regulating the content of corporate emails. If you fail to comply with them, you run the risk of receiving a severe penalty. On the other hand, the requirements are often moderate and may be fulfilled by as little as including a short disclaimer in your messages.

But when exactly is this the case? Contrary to reports floating around on the web, email disclaimers are rarely specifically mentioned in legal acts, regardless if these acts focus on electronic correspondence exclusively, aim to regulate commercial messages in general, or put restrictions on communication in certain branches of the economy. Neither are disclaimers a surefire protection against security breaches and lawsuits.

Below I discuss to what extent legal systems in different regions of the world mandate the use of email disclaimers and determine their status.

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CodeTwo Exchange Sync 2.6.0 available


CodeTwo Exchange Sync 2.6We have just released an update to CodeTwo Exchange Sync (v. 2.6.0), which introduces some new features in item filtering and modification functionalities. It also includes several bug fixes and application code improvements.

New key features:

  • New modifications: Convert meeting to regular appointment, Remove attachments, Clear body, Hide private content.
  • New: The option to determine a subdomain while choosing folders for synchronization.
  • New: The possibility to sort folders added to the list of folders scheduled for synchronization.
  • New: The option to filter items multiple times using the same property.
  • Changed: Filters were renamed to Conditions.
  • Changed: Mailboxes are displayed in the Last name + First name pattern while choosing folders for synchronization.
  • And more!

For the full list of changes, go to the version history page. The update is free of charge for all version 2.x license owners.

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CodeTwo Exchange Migration 1.6.0 and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration 1.6.0 released!


CodeTwo migration tools updatedToday we have published new versions of our migration software – CodeTwo Exchange Migration and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration. Both programs are now available for download in version 1.6.0. This release contains a number of small programmatic fixes, new reporting features and migration statistics visible in the GUI, and more importantly the migration speed improvements.

The migration can be now even up to 5 times faster thanks to the new data transmission optimization technology implemented in this version of the software. For full list of changes go to the CodeTwo Exchange Migration version history or CodeTwo Office 365 Migration version history.

Check out how fast you can migrate now – download trial versions from our websites:

Download CodeTwo Exchange Migration 1.6.0
Download CodeTwo Office 365 Migration 1.6.0

CodeTwo Exchange Migration is a program that lets you transfer user’s mailboxes between Exchange servers, within or even outside of the same domain. It also allows to perform direct migration from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 or 2013 without any mid-steps.

Similarly, CodeTwo Office 365 Migration allows to migrate mailboxes from the on-premise Exchange server to Office 365 organization without a hassle. Moreover you can get and use the CodeTwo Office 365 Migration program free of charge.

Canada’s strict new anti-spam law (CASL) vs your email marketing


On July 1, 2014 Canada will introduce the so called Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) – a broad set of strict regulations designed to protect Canadians against electronic communication abuses such as various types of spam, malicious software, data harvesting, promotion of products and services using misleading information and, quote: “any other current and future internet and wireless telecommunication threats prohibited by Canada’s anti-spam legislation” . The measures required by CASL go far beyond adding a small-print ‘unsubscribe’ link to newsletters. Failing to include them even once may result in receiving a fine of up to $1 million (for individuals) or $10 million (for businesses), and since the law applies to everyone sending electronic messages to Canada, it’s high time for businesses around the world to start adjusting. Continue reading ‘Canada’s strict new anti-spam law (CASL) vs your email marketing’

CodeTwo Exchange Sync 2.5.0 released


CodeTwo Exchange SyncWe have just published an update to CodeTwo Exchange Sync. The program is now available for download in version 2.5.0. The current release includes a number of bug fixes reported recently by users and also introduces an updated user interface. For full list of changes, please check the version history.

We recommend that you update your current installations to the current version. Read how to update…

Download CodeTwo Exchange Sync 2.5.0

CodeTwo Exchange Sync is an Exchange Server data synchronization tool. It allows automatic and real time sharing of data between Exchange mailboxes, public folders and even mobile devices. Synchronization can be customized to copy items only in one direction or bidirectionally, filter, or even modify them without any interruptions. Thanks to these features it is possible to e.g. safely share company calendar from Exchange public folders to iOS, Android, Windows Phone and other mobile devices.

Learn more about CodeTwo Exchange Sync

CodeTwo Email Signatures 1.3.0 released


CodeTwo Email Signatures updateWe have just published an update to CodeTwo Email Signatures. Version 1.3.0 introduces a number of improvements we’ve been working on lately. We recommend that you install this version on top of your current installation. It’s free of charge for all license owners.

The biggest changes concern the way the Client Apps work. Starting from this release CodeTwo Email Signatures generates several types of MSI packages that can be distributed among the client PCs. Please refer to this table to see which packages are the most suitable in your client  machines configuration. Furthermore, version 1.3.0 introduces two modes of installing the Client Apps: per user and per machine. It is also no longer required to run the Client App with PC Administrator’s rights.

For full list of changes, please check the version history.

Download CodeTwo Email Signatures 1.3.0
Read how to update CodeTwo software

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