Updates for CodeTwo Public Folders, CodeTwo Outlook Sync and CodeTwo Sync for iCloud – Outlook 2016 support

We have released updates to our three prominent programs for Outlook synchronization. CodeTwo Public Folders and CodeTwo Outlook Sync have been upgraded to the new versions that fully support Outlook 2016 from now on and bring in some fixes and programmatic changes. CodeTwo Sync for iCloud has also been prepared to support Outlook 2016, but in order to gain full support it still needs Apple iCloud for Windows to be updated and work with Outlook 2016.

Public FoldersCodeTwo Public Folders enables to share Outlook items and Windows files among computers and mobile devices. The latest 5.4.4 version supports Outlook 2016, however, Syncing Master cannot be installed on a computer with Outlook 2016. Apart from multiple programmatic improvements, the newest version introduces some cosmetic changes in error messages.

Outlook SyncCodeTwo Outlook Sync that synchronizes Outlook items between two computers, has been upgraded to the version 1.0.17, and thanks to programmatic changes it supports now Outlook 2016. There has also been slight changes to program’s displayed messages.

CodeTwo Sync for iCloudCodeTwo Sync for iCloud, our dedicated software responsible for synchronizing Outlook items with iCloud folders, has been updated to the version 1.3.4. After fixing the program’s installer, it recognizes Outlook 2016, however, the program won’t fully support it unless Apple iCloud for Windows supports Outlook 2016. We are still awaiting Apple to update its software.

For a full list of changes please visit a dedicated version history page for CodeTwo Public Folders, CodeTwo Outlook Sync and CodeTwo Sync for iCloud.

Updates are free of charge for all license holders for CodeTwo Outlook Sync and CodeTwo Sync for iCloud. For CodeTwo Public Folders it is free only if the first digit of the owned version number matches the first digit number of the current version of the program.

In case you need our support feel free to contact us – we are available 24 hours from Monday to Friday.

25 (+1) Exchange Server experts to follow

You probably know a few of them from Ignite or IT/DevConnections. Two or three others tend to pop up in popular Linkedin and Facebook groups. Articles by several more come up when you type an Exchange-related query in Google. And the rest – maybe you’ve never even heard of them…

Whatever the case, I present to you, 25 (+1) Exchange Server experts worth following (in semi-random order).

25+1 Microsoft Exchange Experts

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Updates to CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013, 2010, 2007 and Pro available now!

Update CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO & CodeTwo Exchange FamilyOur email signature and disclaimer management tools have been just updated. The newest versions bring some major bug fixes as well as significant improvements to the built-in Rules Tester and the editor.

Additionally, we’re excited to announce that CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro is now compatible with Exchange 2016!

NOTE: A standard version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules dedicated for Exchange 2016 server is coming out soon.

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CodeTwo Backup update 1.3 – New enhanced UI!

Our CodeTwo solutions for performing backups, restore jobs and keeping mailbox data on local drives, have just been upgraded to the version 1.3. CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 and CodeTwo Backup for Exchange gained new UI features which boosted up the programs’ functionalities and eased administrator’s work with a few improvements.

New alert windows

CodeTwo developers added two alert windows to the program’s dashboard. Good news and Bad news windows inform you about key events included in the on-going backup or restore jobs. Now you can also keep yourself updated with good and bad news notifications automatically sent by the program to a specified email address. Moreover, some of the minor improvements to Backups time-filter and restore options will make now your admin’s tasks easier.

Notification options window

To see a full list of changes, please visit the version history sites for CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 and CodeTwo Backup for Exchange. The newest version is free of charge for all license owners.

Version 1.6.1 of CodeTwo Email Signatures is out!

CodeTwo Email Signatures update
CodeTwo Email Signatures, our program for managing email signatures on email clients such as Outlook, Office 365 OWA or Google Apps, has been updated.

The newest version of the software solves the problem which specifically affected Google Apps users, namely the program was not able to list more than 100 Google Apps mailboxes. Nevertheless, we recommend updating the program by all current users.

To update the program, simply download the new installation file and run it on top of your current version of CodeTwo Email Signatures. More information on how to perform the update of our programs can be found here.

All licensed users of CodeTwo Email Signatures are free to update the software at no additional cost.

Download CodeTwo Email Signatures ver. 1.6.1

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us – we are available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday.

Migrate legacy (2003 or 2007) Exchange to Exchange 2016

Migrate legacy Exchange to Exchange 2016

Microsoft has stirred up a quite load of enthusiasm by the recent appearance of Exchange 2016. As the new version raised inquiries among IT professionals for new solutions, Microsoft in fact did not soothe this yearning for any cutting-edge technologies. You get a bundle of improvements, out of which the removal of the Client Access Role and replacing MAPI with EWS seem to be one of the most relevant developments (read more about it). What’s more, if you had any high hopes for any breakthroughs in terms of version coexistence with legacy, Exchange 2003 or 2007, then you know now that with this version Microsoft has clearly stated its engineering policy and is rather far from that.

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Convince your boss to back up Exchange/Office 365 mailbox data!

As an Exchange/Office 365 administrator, you are perhaps loaded with work to make sure everything functions smoothly and no disaster is going to affect your company. There is no need to mention that a situation in which the company cannot function properly due to unexpected technical issues is the boss’s hardly favorite one. However, when there is so much you need to care about you may simply miss one important thing – namely creating backup copies of all mailbox data that might be necessary to ensure business continuity.

Convince your boss to back up mailbox data

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How IT Dev Connections 2015 stacks up against Microsoft IT Conferences

This year’s IT Dev Connections takes place in Aria Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas. Allegedly what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but since we did not throw a mattress out of the window and we didn’t kidnap anyone (yet), I think I can share my first impressions after day 1 of Penton Media’s flagship conference.

It’s the third conference taking place in the US that we are sponsoring and exhibiting on in 2015. Traveling from Poland is not an easy thing (especially if you’re based far from any international airport) and this time it took us three days to get to Nevada. No… we didn’t travel by bike, it’s our flight that got delayed and grounded us in Philadelphia for 15 hours. Anyway… let’s cut to the chase.
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CodeTwo 2015 USA Tour: Las Vegas

Gasping for breath, we barely came back from Microsoft Ignite and Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2015 in Orlando… we’ve been there, we’ve seen it and we loved it! But it’s time to move on, the CodeTwo USA Tour continues and we’ve got another big event coming up ahead.


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How can marketing department manage email signatures in Exchange environment?

Taking into account the fact that email signatures are an important part of any business visual identity, it seems to be crucial to prepare them in a professional way. Perhaps in most organizations, email signatures are managed by administrators as only they have appropriate rights to provide any changes on the server e.g. setting up transport rules. However, what if they prefer to delegate this part of their duties to someone else, namely a marketing representative?

No access sign

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