CodeTwo Email Signatures version 1.6 out now!

We’ve just released an update to our Office 365, Google Apps and hosted email signature and disclaimer manager, CodeTwo Email Signatures.

The main change included in version 1.6 is the use of the OAuth2 protocol to connect with Google Apps. If you are using CodeTwo Email Signatures to manage your Google Apps signatures, we strongly advise you to update your installation to version 1.6 (instructions below). Failure to update will most likely result in the inability to introduce changes in your Google Apps signatures and disclaimers.

To update your installation of CodeTwo Email Signatures, simply download the new setup file, and install it on top of your current version.

NOTE: The update will detect existing Google Apps policies and prompt the user to set them up anew (instructions available within the application).

The update is free for all users.

View the full list of changes and fixes included in CodeTwo Email Signatures ver. 1.6
Download CodeTwo Email Signatures ver. 1.6
How to update CodeTwo software

CodeTwo 2015 USA Tour

Here at CodeTwo we love emails – email signatures, email migrations, email backups, email… You get the picture. But we also love meeting people face-to-face! Nothing beats a handshake and chat with a satisfied customer, or an IT pro who knows their stuff and who’s head is bursting with ideas.

That’s why this year we’re tripling down on our usual US conference appearance quota and visiting the below IT conferences in the States.

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CodeTwo Backup for Office 365 1.1.0 released

CodeTwo Backup for Office 365We have just released the first official update to our youngest product, CodeTwo Backup for Office 365. The program had its premiere just a few weeks ago. It is the first full-blown solution on the market allowing Office 365 administrators to create, keep and restore local backup copies of Exchange Online mailboxes.

The newest release introduces an important security feature enabling password-protection of local storages in which Exchange Online backups are kept. It is also now possible to set password authentication for server connections used by the application.

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New product: CodeTwo Exchange Server OK Status Confirmator

Tired of receiving non-stop server status alerts? Your boss wants to know ‘what’s up in the server department’? Popular Exchange Server monitors have to many options and switches?

We’ve just released a solution to all of your problems: CodeTwo Exchange Server OK Status Confirmator!

Key benefits:

  • Generates boss-friendly Exchange status reports
  • Capability to share your Exchange status on Facebook
  • Relaxing
  • Succinct
  • Je-ne-scalable
  • No Exchange Server required

Updated CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013, 2010, 2007 released!

C2ER-updateWe have just released new updates to our email signature management software for Exchange 2007, 2010 and 2013. These updates are equal for all three products from the CodeTwo Exchange Rules family and contain a number of fixes and new features. Continue reading ‘Updated CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013, 2010, 2007 released!’

Offline backup & restore solution for Office 365 mailboxes

The lack of an offline mailbox backup tool was, for several years now, making Office 365 administrators slightly anxious. Despite the 99.9% uptime and in-depth security advertised by Microsoft, most major concerns were never addressed. What about backup media diversification? Compliance with laws mandating storage within country borders? Reversal of random damages and mishaps?

All this ends today. With the release of CodeTwo Backup for Office 365, sysadmins working in Microsoft’s Cloud get a full-blown local mailbox backup utility, which not only lets them tackle the big data security issues, but also the more down-to-earth ones, such as migrations between Office 365 plans, slimming down mailboxes and archiving inactive users’ data.

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Office 365 and Exchange migrations: +10 to stability

CodeTwo migration tools updatedFollowing 3 weeks of intense coding and debugging, we’re happy to announce the release of twin 1.9 versions of our CodeTwo Exchange Migration and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration solutions!

The update includes several improvements, the most important of which is the replacement of a module that, in specific scenarios, had been causing software crashes. The way we solved the problem is twofold:

  1. By adding a 64-bit module to the installer. Now the appropriate bit version will be installed automatically based on the detected OS type.
  2. And redesigning the software architecture. Starting from version 1.9 the role of reading items from the source server and the role of loading them into the target server will be split between 2 services.

Both the above new features, and other minor fixes included in the update are the direct result of your, our customers’, reports and feature requests. Thank you for your feedback!

The update is free for all users. To update your version of the software, run the version 1.9 installer one a machine hosting CodeTwo Exchange Migration (or CodeTwo Office 365 Migration). The installer will detect the previous version and automatically update it.

NOTE: Starting from version 1.9, CodeTwo migration tools’ update notifications can be accessed via the Administration Panel.

Download CodeTwo Exchange Migration version 1.9
CodeTwo Exchange Migration version history
Download CodeTwo Office 365 Migration version 1.9
CodeTwo Office 365 Migration version history

How to add signatures to encrypted emails on Exchange

CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO updateWe have just released an update to CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO, our email flow, content and signature and manager for Microsoft Exchange. The new version is free for CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO 2.x license owners (install on top of your current version). It includes several minor bug fixes and 5 new features.

Among the new features, there’s one we’re particularly happy to deliver to our users, namely:

Processing encrypted and digitally signed emails

For most Exchange veterans the title probably says it all. But in case anyone is still confused – starting with version 2.2.1, CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO allows for applying several actions to encrypted and digitally signed messages either directly or by wrapping them in an envelope of a new email. Thanks to adding the new Secure message type criteria, our application now also allows for excluding encrypted and digitally signed emails from processing, as well as doing the opposite: creating dedicated rules for these special message types.

One scenario where the new feature may come in useful is stamping encrypted emails with disclaimers.

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New time filters in CodeTwo Exchange/Office 365 migration tools

Last week we released an update to CodeTwo Exchange Migration and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration, our mailbox migration tools for Exchange Server and Office 365. Apart from fixing some minor bugs, we have also added new important features. One of the most important changes applied in this release is the possibility to filter out mailbox items according to their modification time – so called time filters.

What are time filters?

Time filters let you choose items for your Exchange or Office 365 migration according to their modification time. They are a part of the source server connection wizard. They give you a choice whether to migrate items older, or not older than certain date. For instance, you can choose to only migrate data from the last 30 days.

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A ban on after-work emails?

One of the secrets of leading a happy and stress-free life is keeping personal and professional matters completely separate. When you punch out, that should be it – no more work-related stuff. This way you can recharge and clear your head, instead of stressing out about your job (thus increasing the likelihood of a burnout). Question is, how to make this work, when your mobile phone keeps downloading work emails 24/7?

After work emails

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