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How to add signatures to encrypted emails on Exchange


CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO updateWe have just released an update to CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO, our email flow, content and signature and manager for Microsoft Exchange. The new version is free for CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO 2.x license owners (install on top of your current version). It includes several minor bug fixes and 5 new features.

Among the new features, there’s one we’re particularly happy to deliver to our users, namely:

Processing encrypted and digitally signed emails

For most Exchange veterans the title probably says it all. But in case anyone is still confused – starting with version 2.2.1, CodeTwo Exchange Rules PRO allows for applying several actions to encrypted and digitally signed messages either directly or by wrapping them in an envelope of a new email. Thanks to adding the new Secure message type criteria, our application now also allows for excluding encrypted and digitally signed emails from processing, as well as doing the opposite: creating dedicated rules for these special message types.

One scenario where the new feature may come in useful is stamping encrypted emails with disclaimers.

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New time filters in CodeTwo Exchange/Office 365 migration tools


Last week we released an update to CodeTwo Exchange Migration and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration, our mailbox migration tools for Exchange Server and Office 365. Apart from fixing some minor bugs, we have also added new important features. One of the most important changes applied in this release is the possibility to filter out mailbox items according to their modification time – so called time filters.

What are time filters?

Time filters let you choose items for your Exchange or Office 365 migration according to their modification time. They are a part of the source server connection wizard. They give you a choice whether to migrate items older, or not older than certain date. For instance, you can choose to only migrate data from the last 30 days.

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A ban on after-work emails?


One of the secrets of leading a happy and stress-free life is keeping personal and professional matters completely separate. When you punch out, that should be it – no more work-related stuff. This way you can recharge and clear your head, instead of stressing out about your job (thus increasing the likelihood of a burnout). Question is, how to make this work, when your mobile phone keeps downloading work emails 24/7?

After work emails

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CodeTwo Exchange Migration 1.7.1 and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration 1.7.1 is available


Recently we have published new versions (1.7.1) of CodeTwo Exchange Migration and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration which are now available for download.

Amongst new features you can find:

  • Folder type selection. You can choose what specific item types are migrated – emails, tasks, contacts etc.
  • Migration priority. Decide which mailboxes should be copied first and which ones later by assigning the higher or lower priority to them.
  • Google Apps archive folders are now supported.
  • Migration speed from Google Apps has been improved.
  • And more.

For full list of changes go to the CodeTwo Exchange Migration version history or CodeTwo Office 365 Migration version history.

Feel free to download trial versions from our websites:

Download CodeTwo Exchange Migration 1.7.1
Download CodeTwo Office 365 Migration 1.7.1

CodeTwo Exchange Migration and CodeTwo Office 365 Migration are tools that allow to copy all contents of user’s mailboxes from your old Exchange Server to the new one, or even to the Office 365 cloud service. What’s more, they even eliminate the double-hop scenarios when migrating from Exchange 2003 to 2013 and assure no downtime as the program works in the background with no impact to end users.

What’s new in the latest versions of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Family software?


We have just released new versions of programs from the CodeTwo Exchange Rules Family line. Our dev team included a ton of upgrades and total overhauls within the software. Check the following article to learn more and prepare to be excited!

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Reset count of out of office replies per recipient in Exchange and Office 365


The out of office assistant is an indispensable tool for small and large companies alike. Using it significantly reduces the risk that urgent emails, sent to employees who are currently away, will lay unanswered in Inboxes, causing confusion and financial losses. In that way it’s a little bit like the spam filter – you take for granted that it’s there and barely notice it, but without it your business would implode.

CodeTwo Out of Office Manager lets you control all Out of Office assistant settings in your Office 365 or Exchange Server organization via one graphical calendar panel.

What’s more, with this week’s release it gives the user the ability to allow sending multiple automatic replies while the Out of Office assistant is switched on.

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Email unsubscribe mechanism and new DLP features – new version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro


Today marks the release of a new version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro – our flagship email disclaimer and email flow manager. The new version (2.1) has a number of bug-fixes but it also sports two very important new features:

Adding unsubscribe link to Exchange email

A mechanism adding an “unsubscribe me” link to emails sent from Exchange, and letting admins manage blacklists of recipients, has been requested by a number of our Canadian clients due to Canada Anti Spam Law (CASL), which went into effect on July 1st 2014. The new law affects every commercial email sent to Canada and coerces the sender to include a disclaimer with an unsubscribe link, which let’s a recipient unsubscribe from any correspondence from this individual or company. Failing to comply with the regulation may result in the imposition of  fines up to 10 million dollars.

Learn more about this feature.

DLP content filtering for credit card numbers

We have improved the Remove Sensitive Content action to properly recognize credit card numbers. This option now utilizes the modulus 10 (aka Luhn) algorithm, which validates credit card numbers. As an Exchange administrator, you can set up the program to remove any credit card number from users’ correspondence to protect company data from leakage.

Learn more about this feature.

More about the program

Read more or download the program now. Existing users of version 2.0 of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro can install the update absolutely for free – just install the program on top of the existing installation. Your settings will not be lost.


Access Exchange Public folders from mobile devices to improve field-based team work


Nowadays businesses often operate in a highly competitive environment. The market becomes more demanding and therefore many companies hire mobile sales teams or other field-based staff. The challenge here is to ensure that all team members, no matter where they are, have the same instant access to company’s core databases. Smartphones and tablets are gradually replacing laptops in field-based work, but is there a way to easily synchronize them with company resources?

How to sync mobile devices with public Exchange folders

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CodeTwo Email Signatures 1.4.0 now available


CodeTwo Email Signatures updateWe have just released an update to CodeTwo Email Signatures. In version 1.4 you can find a bunch of fixes for most common problems, such as:

  • Support for Exchange Attributes in Office 365
  • Improved mechanism of listing Google Apps users
  • Improved mechanism of setting the default signature in the Outlook policy type, and more…

For full list of changes, please go to the official release notes.

How to update?

To update the program simply download the latest version from CodeTwo website and install it on top of the existing installation. All your licensing data and program’s settings will remain unchanged.

Download CodeTwo Email Signatures 1.4

CodeTwo is Microsoft Gold Partner


CodeTwo just renewed and continues to hold its Gold partnership with Microsoft for another year in the row – hooah!


This means that our software is of the highest grade, and was thoroughly tested and reviewed by users.

Earlier this year we received the Cloud Accelerate badge! We earned it due to the growing base of our partners that we helped to migrate to the Office 365 cloud. With CodeTwo Office 365 Migration program and a help of our support team Exchange or Google migrations are a breeze.

You can become our partner and receive CodeTwo Office 365 Migration tool free of charge!

Our Clients:

  • Unicef Shell Santander T-Systems UPS Israel
  • MAN Diesel Loreal Toshiba TEC UK Imaging Systems Ltd Casio Tottenham Hotspur
  • China Mobile GTECH Fujifilm Nordea
  • Skanska Hooters Cassino Hotel Illinois Institute of Technology  ING McDonalds India
  • Oriflame Romania Bank of Israel London Symphony Orchestra Aeropostale
  • Bank of Jordan SouthWire Inc. Taser
  • Rothschild Mitsubishi Motors DNA Films Samsung SDI z

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