CodeTwo Backup for Exchange

CodeTwo Backup for Exchange

Granular Exchange Server mailbox backups & recoveries

Central, automatic, intuitive

  • Backup jobs: Use backup jobs to manage all aspects of Exchange mailbox and public folders backups - operation schedules, mailbox scopes, item age, and more.
  • Continuous incremental backup: After creating a full copy of mailbox data selected by the admin, subsequent backup cycles save differential data as new versions.
  • Unlimited storage: Unlike cloud-based backup solutions, CodeTwo Backup for Exchange does not limit the amount of data you can store.
  • Item versioning: Item versions, created during incremental backups, can be easily previewed and restored one-by-one or in bulk.
  • Granular restore feature: Restore mailboxes, folders, or individual items. Recover healthy versions of data from previous backup cycles.
  • Data selection and filters: Manage the breadth of your backup. Select mailboxes, filter items based on their age, and exclude special folders.

Flexible and user-friendly

  • Custom backup settings: Create one-time or continuous backup jobs, determine the range of data you want to backup, configure activity periods, and more.
  • Central management: Only one admin account necessary to take charge of backups and recoveries for all mailboxes in your Exchange organization.
  • Easy to learn and manage: The program's graphical user interface provides direct access to all features. No need for additional configuration or scripting.
  • Runs in the background: Once you set up all the backup jobs you need, you can close the program and leave it to work in the background.

Granular and customizable

  • All types of folders: The application lets you back up emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, journal, etc.
  • Filters: Choose which mailboxes you want to back up. Limit the scope of data or back up full mailboxes.
  • Granularity: Backup storages reflect the mailbox and folder structure present in the source organization. The user can perform recoveries on all levels - from single items to entire mailboxes.
  • Data versioning: In incremental backups, the first cycle creates a full copy of the selected scope of data. Subsequent cycles add layers containing only changes detected within the scope.
  • Easy browsing and item preview: A filter-based search assistant lets you quickly find what you're looking for. The preview feature enables you to take a look inside backed up items and their previous versions.
  • Native archiving, exports to PST, retention: Protect your backup copy by saving it in the program's native archive or exporting to PST files. Control the size of the at-hand backup and archives by setting retention policies.


  • Backup rotation: Perform frequent backups to an on-site storage and every couple of months archive mailboxes to a medium stored off-site.
  • Mailbox snapshots: Thanks to the smart data versioning mechanism, CodeTwo Backup for Exchange lets you recover clean snapshots of mailboxes/folders/items that have been altered due to user error or external causes.
  • Mailbox and folder moves: CodeTwo Backup for Exchange's restore jobs can be customized to the point where your can easily move chunks of data between mailboxes and organizations.
  • Legal compliance: Meet legal requirements regarding retention of electronic records. Learn more...
  • Invisible to end-users: During the creation of backup copies mailbox availability is not interrupted.


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